Chapter 15.1: Ryan

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The spiked hair. The pale face. The leather. Ryan couldn't see the titular Scissorhands over everyone's heads but the leather was making him feel things he didn't want to be feeling in a crowd like this. He had to get out of there. He ducked into the kitchen and focused on refilling his two Solo cups.

First off, Jacky had been smiling. Not like a wide grin, but a shy sort of smile. Ryan wondered how long it had been since people had looked at Jacky without treating him like a freak. It was almost like he couldn't believe it was happening. Thinking of Jacky smiling made Ryan smile. Then he thought of the collar of that leather jacket fastened tight around his throat and the smile fell away.

He had only just started to fall for the way Jacky looked normally. Now to know that Jacky could look like this....

A few more swallows of beer. No one seemed to be paying attention to him, which was good. All he could focus on was breathing. And maybe how to get Jacky alone in this crowd.

No. He couldn't do that. What if someone walked in on them? They could lock the door. But if anyone saw... he could only imagine the rumors that would fly.

He had two cups of beer in his hands. He could give one to Jacky. Like with Monica, it would let Jacky know he cared. Any maybe later, when everyone was obliterated by alcohol, no one would remember if he and Jacky sat down and talked. Or ended up in a room upstairs together...

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