Calm The Fire: 123

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“I'm sure you shouldn't be up and moving around.” Náriel blinked slowly and looked up. Bard looked at her questionably while moving over and sitting beside her. The fire before them was burning so lowly that it was more or less non-existing.

She fidgeted on the log she was using as a seat and wrapped her arms around herself. “I know. Just...I can't stay in bed, I can't sleep.” She smiled faintly. “And what is rest without sleep?” She asked while looking to Bard, she had said something similar to Thorin ages ago. And now she understood him. Resting without sleep was just laying and being stuck with troubling thoughts. She had enough thoughts to keep her going and she didn't like it. So she opted to leave Dis to return to her sons and to sit in silence.

Bard shook his head and leant his arms against her knees. “It is good to see you up and about. Has someone alerted your uncle?”

Náriel laughed. “If they had I would not be sitting here. I would be back in bed.” He nodded slowly, she had a point there. “You came out rather unscathed.”

“No,” Bard said while looking to her. “No I didn't.” Náriel looked away when he looked at her with a hardened look. Bard wasn't sure anyone had come out of the battle unscathed. The few injuries he had sustained were bandaged up and healing. The psychological injuries would heal, over time. He had watched as many men he knew fell by his side. It would take time, but these memories would hopefully heal over, though he'd never forget them.

“What's been going on in the past four days?” Náriel asked curiously. “What have I missed?”

“Cleaning up.” Bard replied with a heavy sigh while straightening up. Náriel scrunched her nose up. She could understand his disdain for this. “Supplies have been bought over from Lake Town to Dale.” This caught her attention and she looked up at him quickly, it was something which caused her to wince. Bard smiled, “Through it all everyone needs a task to keep their minds occupied.”

“You haven't...?”

“Gone into the Mountain? No.” Bard crossed his arms stiffly. “It was something both Dain, Dis and the rest of the Dwarves were firmly against.”

“She failed to tell me that.” Náriel said awkwardly.

Bard smiled and looked down at her. “They have a point though I believe. But, we will enter it, not yet...but soon.”

Náriel nodded understanding this. Looking back up at him she smiled. “Is everyone helping out with Dale?”

Bard smiled, “You'd be most surprised what can bring everyone together.”

Náriel nodded slowly and awkwardly stood. “Can you take me there?”

Bard looked thoughtful, he didn't think it was wholly wise. She looked exhausted, it honestly didn't seem like she could walk far, let alone back down to Dale. Not only that, he was rather sure Thranduil was down in Dale, Bard honestly didn't wish to be on the receiving end of the Elvenking's displeasure because he had bought his healing niece down.

“Please,” Náriel whispered.

“Wait here,” Bard stood and walked off quickly. Náriel did as she was asked and watched as he reappeared moments later with the reins of a horse in his hand. She smiled slowly and walked forwards. With help she managed to sit upon the saddle. Sitting side saddle she looked down as Bard started to move forwards while leading the horse.

“Thank you,” she said earning a look to be cast up at her. “Really.”

“Something tells me that if I declined, you'd still go.” Bard reasoned while carefully walking down a slope, the horse had more ease traversing the rocky area. Náriel nodded and looked about her at the grey slopes of rock that they passed.

Even as they were drawing close, she could spy the people heaving in Dale. Wooden structures were already in place, these supported buildings which were either being taken down, or renovated. Bard was being honest with his words it seemed. Supplies and help was more than abundant in Dale.

Walking through the streets, Náriel looked up at the ruined watchtower. Looking slowly down when she heard her name being called she smiled at the sight of Ori. He charged forwards and stopped in front of Bard and the horse. Quickly, upon seeing the young Dwarf run off, Balin looked over in the direction he disappeared off in and smiled. Hitting his brother on the arm Dwalin turned too and seemed – though it was hard to tell because of his constant serious expression – pleased to see her up and about too.

They were all here, even Gandalf who turned and walked slowly forwards. Náriel let out a surprised noise when another figure was with him.

“Oh child! Look at you! Look at you!” Radagast exclaimed and shook his head. “What have you done?” He generally seemed very confused.

Náriel smiled and leant down in the saddle and managed to wrap her arms around the Wizard. “It is so good to see you again, my friend.” She whispered, Radagast looked around confused yet let out a quiet: “Oh, I’ve missed you too.”

Sitting back up she looked at Bard who held a hand out to her, with his help she managed to get down off of the saddle and limp her way forwards. “Hello again,” she said to the Dwarves in front of her. Through the Dwarves another figure suddenly barged forwards.

Bilbo for one looked at her with wide eyes, he perhaps looked the more surprised. Sharing a tent with her was a hard thing to do. He stayed awake most nights to keep an eye on her.

Holding out her arms she gestured her hands at him. When Bilbo didn't move, Náriel looked at him plainly and moved forwards and put her arms around him tightly. The two let out a startled noise when someone had decided to hold onto them both. Both groaned though when someone else had joined in. This was turning into a very nice – though painful – group embrace.

Behind them Gandalf couldn't help but laugh and shake his head while lifting his pipe up to his lips. Beside him Radagast just looked confused while Bard readjusted the grip on the reins. It was a pleasant reunion, no one could deny that. Though it came to an end when quiet almost inaudible footsteps approached.

One by one the Dwarves stepped back, Náriel let go of Bilbo and looked up at Thranduil. Moving forwards she lifted her arms up to him and wriggled her fingers. Placing a hand to her head he trailed his fingers through her tangled hair before placing his hand against the back of her head and pulling her close. Náriel smiled lightly and let out a quiet content noise while shutting her eyes as her uncle's arms carefully enveloped her. It was a rare sign of compassion from someone who was otherwise so composed and stoic.


(A/N: I don't care if hugging is kinda out of character for Thranduil! Let alone in front of a group! I had to do it.......also yeah, ok, Radagast, hm, he had to be shoved in too, though I’m 50/50 that he'll die in BoFA. Another reason to possibly cry in the film.)

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