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Okay heads up! I've decided to just take the original story down and give you guys the newer and better version here! So this is being edited and revised as I go. A new chapter will be posted every Monday. I'm slowly taking the chapters down, otherwise the story won't make sense. It's going to make a lot more sense with the newer version and there won't be as many plot holes. I'm still sticking with the original story, it's just going to be a lot better and there are going to be major differences.

Alpha Arranged will be coming soon....

Bear with me!

 And enjoy the prologue!





A woman dressed in a black coat struggled with the child in her arms as she was chased through the forest, three large rogue wolves on her tail. She wasn't sure how or if she would ever get out of the predicament that she was in but one thing was for certain, her children would make it out... That she was sure of.

The wolf right on her heels nipped at the back of her cloak and she pressed on further, clutching the baby closer to her chest. Sprinkles began to bombard her and she prayed that she would be able to make it to the next territory safely, she was almost there. All she had to do was run just a few more feet...

"No!" She cried as the wolf behind her tackled her to the ground, her six month old baby boy still desperately clutched to her chest. "No just let him live! Please! Let my son live!"

The wolf snarled at her and eyed the child briefly before baring his teeth and growling at the woman in front of him.

He eyed the five wolves surrounding the territory with vengeance.  It's my kill! She did this to us! She's no longer fit to be a Luna and destroying her and this child will be the only way to make the Alpha see reason!

But what about the other two infants?

They're lost to us now, she didn't hide this one because he's next in line to be Alpha. I will destroy her and the young Alpha.

But Kane man, you can't! He's just a child....

And my daughter was only a child when she was taken from me! That pack is the reason that she's gone and this is their Luna. It's time for my vengeance!

Kane glanced at the sleeping infant clutched to the Luna's chest and felt the anger reverberate through his chest. He was not going to let this child get away, nor it's mother. They were both going to be ended, right here and right now.

"Please," the Luna pleaded. "I'm begging you to let my son live. He's innocent! It's my mate and I that you are after, just let my sons live."

Kane hissed and pushed her down with one of his paws and just as he bend down to rip her limb from limb, a face appeared in his head. A face that he would never forget, the face of his daughter.

Kane hissed and jumped away from the Luna and her child, his heart beating a mile a minute.

He couldn't do it.

He couldn't kill her.

He couldn't kill her child.

So instead, he ran and never looked back.

The Luna got to her feet, holding her son as close to her chest as she could and she ran for the territory that she so desperately wanted to reach.

"We're almost here honey, just hold on."

Once she reached the territory moments later, she was gasping for air and the rain had grown more persistent so she was soaked completely.

The child in her arms wailed and she looked at him, tears brimming in her eyes. "I know sweetie, I know what has to happen now. You were the last one I had to find a safe place to stay... I'm sorry that I have to leave you now."

The child began to cry and the Luna placed him in the trunk of a tree that was close by before she looked at the oldest of her triplet pups for the last time and she turned on her heel and ran.

Her mate and their pack was being attacked and they hadn't any other choice, they were outnumbered and dying quickly. She had no other choice but to find safety for her three sons and then her mate and herself were going to go into hiding until they could regroup and build their pack back up.

But her sons needed to be safe.

All three of them.

"I love you, Lance, Austin and Nick. I will return for you." And with that the Luna felt her bones contracting and fur sprouting from her skin as her inner wold took over.

And then she was gone, and the wailing child was heard by one of the patrol wolves and he was immediately taken to the Alpha's house.


Kane hissed and threw his fist at the wall of his office. He couldn't fathom or control the anger pulsing through his veins at having let the Alpha and her child go and he didn't know what it was exactly that led him to do that.

No, he did know but he didn't want to admit it to himself... He didn't want to believe that his precious daughter could still control his every move from whatever continent, state or country she was in.

But it didn't matter, because he would find her. No matter what.

"I'm coming for you Sarah, no matter where you are."


This will be the shortest chapter by far of the new version of MTA!! This is a new rewritten and revised version of it as most of you have already seen that it was 'under major editing' well here it is! FINALLY! Also, if this pans out I will be getting it published, but I'm going to put it here first! I hope you like this new version.

Also before I get asked, no. Sarah is still human even though her dad is a rogue wolf, it will be explained later on! I promise! :p

I'm sorry if you don't agree with my decision to remove the chapters and rewrite them! 


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