More Prizes

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As we all know, in each genre we'll be having 3 winners. But we decided that there should be more prizes for the rest of the participants.

And judges, you guys will have your prizes too.
Yes, if your story couldn't win the place, no worry. Your judging skills can.

We have

Best of the Best (these award is for the winning participants from all genre competing with each other)

Highest of All ( who will have the highest score)

Author of the Year, 2018 (who will give the promising story)

People Choice Award (for all participants who have entered here )

For rest of the participants, we have

Best Plot (It doesn't matter if you could not win the genre, maybe your plot is best)

Best Cover (Maybe your Cover is Best)

• Best Description (Maybe your description is best)

• Best Main Character (Maybe your main charecter could catch attention)

• Best Side Charecters (Maybe your side charecters could get many attention)

Hidden Gem : Promising Story (Maybe your story could not win the genre but it is very promising that in future it will be a blast)

For judges,

First judge (who will give the results unexpectedly faster than other)

• Best judge of the year, 2018 (if you can submit in time with your best reviews of each participants of your genre)

Note: Judges have to give few answers in the end of the judging regarding their participants and their experience

Tag fest winner will have two permanent follows from two accounts.

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