Aryan's love

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Okay, so this chapter will also have more couple time. I don't know if it's boring for you guys!

Salvatore looked at Aryan who was sitting in the tub and had his stomach glowing in the water. Aryan smiled as he saw Salvatore. Salvatore sat down on the tiled area and looked at him.

"Need help?" asked Salvatore.

Aryan looked down and he was crying as the question left Salvatore's lips. Salvatore had walked in as Aryan was in the tub for over one hour.

"I can't get up," said Aryan and he looked crushed by the fact.

"Okay, why didn't you just call me?" asked Salvatore.

"I just- I don't want to seem so weak and clingy," snapped Aryan.

"Well, you did not ask me for anything. Some of the guards were saying when pregnant spouses ask for an occasional foot rub, a dish at night, nothing came," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him amazed.

"You. You, Salvatore El Manzoni, spoke to your guards about - what to anticipate during a pregnancy? ," asked Aryan amazed and Salvatore was puzzled because Aryan's eyes were welling up again.

"What's wrong?" asked Salvatore.

"Nothing. Can you help me out," asked Aryan.

Salvatore nodded and came over and brushing aside Aryan's protests lifted him up from the tub. Aryan flushed red at being held bridal style.

Aryan looked at Salvatore who took him out and made him sit on the sofa and dried his hair. Salvatore smiled as Aryan's cheek was still flushing red.

"That's so uncharacteristic of you," mumbled Aryan.

Salvatore looked at him.

"I - I am shocked too," said Salvatore.

Aryan smiled and hugged the man to his side and said " I am glad that you trust me enough to be yourself," said Aryan.

Salvatore looked at Aryan who kissed him.


Aryan was very horny. And Salvatore will never complain about the horniness. He was enjoying this side of Aryan. While Aryan has always been forward, this was kind of even more wonderful. He felt powerful, capable and needed. Salvatore would never admit his fears out loud but they were there.

He was extremely happy that he could give what Aryan was asking if him without the chances of being hurt. He realised they were trusting each other better and was giving each other the chance to do so.


Salvatore woke up when he felt Aryan sniff him. It was one in the night and Aryan was looking at him with so much need. Salvatore raised his lips and nipped on Aryan's lips.

Aryan blushed but they kissed.

Aryan lowered his lips to Salvatore's ear and said "I want you to own me. Dominate me." Salvatore was only happy to oblige his husband.

"Are you sure you can take it?" teased Salvatore.

Aryan smiled like a naughty minx and coyly went down on the man. He undid the drawstrings of Salvatore's trousers and started licking on his semi hard cock. Once Aryan's tongue touched it, Salvatore was hard as a rock.

He sat up. Aryan coyly undid his bottom and spread his legs wide on the bed. That was all it took and Salvatore pounced.

Aryan's body shook as Salvatore pounded him. He was very careful as the doctor has instructed but he wanted to give Aryan what he asked for.

Salvatore's cock moved in and out of Aryan rhythmically as Aryan's moans echoed in the walls.

"More..mmhmm," said Aryan.

Salvatore increased the pace. Aryan was getting the fuck of his life. He wanted this.

"Yes, just there, fill me up, Salvatore Salv-

And just like that Aryan came. Salvatore came too and he filled the condom. They were having extremely protective sex after the pregnancy.

And it felt odd for both of them to go bare when their child was in Aryan.

"Let our child come out and then we are going to do a lot of things," said Salvatore. Aryan smiled. It was a promise. He can't wait to get back his healthy body and then he wanted to have wild sex with his Salvatore.


"Have you seriously dated anyone?" asked Salvatore.

Aryan smiled. He loved it when Salvatore went all possessive on him.

"There was this girl in my teens, Sayani. She was a bitch. She wanted my money. I ended it when she cheated on me," said Aryan.

Salvatore's arm was firm around Aryan.

"Then there were two guys. One in college, he was good, but well, not my type. We had a mutual break up. Anmol was a more sexual relationship. Then there was a guy when I first started working. Army guy. He left after he made the choice of career over me and we had a breakup. A month, we were still on again and off again and then when he decided to go back I called it off. I was not going to wait around for someone who had skewed views on national security and borderline obsessive workship towards the generals. Well, he came back dead a year later. I did go to the funeral. He has no older men in his family, so I helped his kid brother with the last rites. I was thinking that I was not over him. But after the initial shock and sadness passed, it was nothing more than what I felt for friends and I realised the relationship itself was flawed and toxic and more importantly there were compatibility issues. Now I know why we were not compatible in bed. Then there were one night stands and drunken humps," said Aryan.

"Only one woman? And you were done?" asked Salvatore, not ready to assimilate the rest of it into his thought process.

"They are yuck,' said Aryan.

Salvatore looked at him.

"Did you emm love any of them?" asked Salvatore.

"Of course, I did love at some point, not the way I love you but yeah. I didn't know the meaning of love then or the depth love can have. I- Now I do," said Aryan.

Salvatore looked at him.

"How do you know that this is love either?" he asked.

"Because It is all about selflessness and it is unconditional and I can feel it now. My ego has gone down into such a deep pit that I can't differentiate between you and me. However, that does not mean that I will let you overtake me or my life. We used to co-exist, now we live together. Why do you think that is?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore was silent.


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