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When you were in your car you had to as always update your followers. "Hey guys so we have currently finished recording a bit with the guys. There was a little fight but after all it was pretty fun." You smiled to the phone because you didn't want to show or tell them what happened for obvious reasons.

You finally got to David's mansion. In a swift move all your outdoor wear was off and you were in your room. Suddenly you heard someone walk into your room. It was Natalie.

"Hey y/n. I saw your story. I know what happened, Zane told me. Are you ok?" Natalie asked you as she sat on the bed next to you.

"If I said I was fine it would be a lie." You said sitting up.

"What happened exactly?" She asked calmly.

"Basically, I was asked a question that was 'do you hope that David and Lotus breakup' so I said no and then it came out as a lie and then David had a go at me and kept repeating that I'm a bad and fake friend and that I should not call myself his best friend and that the only reason why I don't want them together is because I want David for myself." You said pretty quickly.

You then heard the door open again and this time, Mr Dobrik walked into your room.

"I'm surprised you're still here and didn't decide to move out or anything." He said harshly.

"I have no where to go so I'm very sorry that you live with a bitch like me." You said harshly as well.

"Natalie can you leave for a moment?" David turned to Natalie. She just nodded and left the room.

*Natalies POV*

I stood outside the room listening to what was going on in there. All I heard was screams and curses. I heard the door handle move and I quickly but quietly went to my room that was next door. David stomped out of the room nearly red from anger. When he was gone I walked into y/n's room where y/n was sitting on her bed breathing heavily.

"I heard what happened." I said to her.

"It was hard not to." She said softly.

"Explain to me, how do you manage to keep your emotions locked up so well?" I said when I noticed how she wasn't showing any anger.

"When you live in a world that knows every little detail about you, you have to hide many emotions." She explained.

"Because what you do is insane." I said to her while giving her a hug.

"What can I say, I'm a trained actor." She giggled. From the giggle you could tell she was hurting yet hiding it.

"Bipolar bitch." I heard David shout from the outside of the room.

"Dumb cunt." Y/n shouted back at David.

"You two are like siblings. You will fight and hate each other, yet will be here for each other no matter what." I laughed.

"Pretty True I must say." She laughed. "We have like a brother and sister relationship with me being an adopted sister." She added laughing.

"We're going to go to a party today. Do you wanna come with us?" I asked her.

"Sure. I need to get drunk after everything that has happened today." She replied with a laugh.

"I'm not surprised. David do you wanna come to? You'll have more footage for your Vlog." I said bribing Dobrik.

"Nah I'm good. Lotus is coming over. Oh she's here already." He said sounding like he's trying to annoy y/n.

"Have you told her what happened?" I shouted to him.

"Not yet." He shouted back.

"Alright." I replied back.

And then I saw lotus bust into the room. "WHAT DID HE NOT TELL ME YET?" She screamed. This girl has some anger issues or something.

"It's nothing bad. He'll tell you in a bit after me and y/n leave probably." I said calmly to her.

"Fine then but if it's about you I'm gonna murder you." She said pointing to y/n.

"I'm terrified." Y/n said but completely ignoring her presence.

"Fuck you." Lotus said before she closed the door behind her.

"Lets get ready." Y/n said standing up happy as ever. I smiled and we both got ready.

We put matching outfits on and we were ready to go

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We put matching outfits on and we were ready to go. But as we were opening the door Lotus ran from David room to "say goodbye"


When she was about to close the door she said. "You're the kind of gem anyone can buy from a dollar store but then throw away because of how fake it is." And then she closed the door. We did here a few screams of anger from the house but then we were off.

"I stan you girl." I laughed.

"Thank you babes." She giggled.

At the party we were having so much fun. Me and Y/n were making montages of us making out with guys and girls. When all of a sudden something weird happened. David Dobrik walked in. His eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"David what's wrong?!" Y/n shouted in her drunk voice and ran up to David and gave him a hug.

"I broke up with Lotus. She was my biggest and worst mistake to ever accept to my life. You were right. You were too right y/n I'm sorry for being such a dick." He cried into her shoulder.

"David, you are an idiot, you are a fucking moron, you are dumb.  But you know what you're also are? You're my best friend and no matter what you do you'll always be it. But you need to learn a lesson." She said and then started spanking David which made everyone burst out laughing including David.

"You know how I'm single right?" He smirked to her.

"Yeah?" She replied confused.

"Well..." he started but then he grabbed her into a kiss.

Which concluded out crazy and full of drama day.

Guys fun fact I got the idea for this fanfic on the school trip and started writing it then. But now I finished I know it's really long but honestly I really like this chapter I must say. So thank you for reading! If you have any ideas for a story please comment it and I'll think of a way to do it. 🥰

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