Chapter 11: Dongsaeng?

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oct 31, 2018


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"I noticed something different about you today," Hyunjin suddenly said. The two are done eating and are now merely sitting on the bed beside each other.

Jinwoo got nervous and asked asked him, "Really? What?" She wants him to say what she wants to hear me but she also thinks it's impossible.

"You used a new perfume," Hyunjin began, not tearing his eyes off of Jinwoo who's barely even looking at him.


"You also used a different pair of earrings."


"Lastly, your lips are chapped but they have a bit of flush on them. You used tint, right?" By now, Hyunjin is smirking.

"Yes..." Jinwoo's eyes are everywhere but on him. She did do those for the latter so it's embarrassing for her to admit it.

"You've turned into a girl. Do I have such an effect on you?" Hyunjin sneered and pinched Jinwoo's cheek lightly. The latter reacted to the geture abruptly–slapped the guy's hand. "Ya! I'm sick!"

"You seem fine already." Jinwoo rolled her eyes and was about to get off of the bed but Hyunjin grabbed her arm. "What?"

"Where are you going now?"

"Work." Hyunjin still didn't let go of her arm. His head is throbbing but he's not showing it.

"Will you come back?" His eyes literally screamed 'please' and Jinwoo could barely resist them but she still gave an ambiguous answer.

"We'll see."

* * *

Hyunjin's not getting any better. Jinwoo actually thought he's already okay since he wasn't acting sick anymore but he just did his best to hide the pain to not worry her.

He regrets it. He can't get up to serve himself. He's on the verge of fainting. If he gets up without someone to guide him, he definitely will.

Jinwoo has been gone for an hour. He expects her to be back by this time since it's just her restaurant shift. She already went late actually.

The thing is, she was asked for an overtime since they're shot on staff today. Of course, she complied, thinking that she doesn't have to rush to Hyunjin.

She finished her shift safely without teachers or students from their school showing up but she finished just in time for her second job so she couldn't go back to the sick one.

Hyunjin fell asleep. His body's fully covered with blanked even up to his head since he's really cold. Jinwoo came back after buying dinner for the two of them and it's already 8 in the Evening.

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