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Skylar's POV:

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Skylar's POV:

I walked up to my locker with drooping eyelids. I hated to go through school when I didn't even have any sleep the previous night. Well, that was never supposed to happen in my life, if I remember. But it had been happening quite constantly.

Since that particular somebody had entered my life. Nothing had been the same cozy and chubby since Caden came. It wasn't actually his fault. It was the letter.

"What's been going on with you, Sky? It looks like you've been hiding things from me." Alex said, opening my locker for me when I couldn't remember the code.

I have been hiding a lot of things from him.

"I'm tired, Alex. I'll tell you everything when I'm not." I rubbed my whole face.

Last night, I had been creeped out by seeing Blake in our house. I didn't get any sleep after that. All I could think about was that he would break inside our house or do some crazy stuff. Or the uncomfortable thoughts like him planning something bad for my family. Why else would he have come in our house? I couldn't even wipe off that smirk of his from my head.

"When aren't you tired?" He asked sarcastically.

I shrugged, taking out my Calculus book.

I needed to tell Caden about it. He needed to know.

Alex walked me to my Calculus class probably to make sure I didn't bump into someone. Alex was really a great friend and I hated keeping things from him.

"You'll come at my house tonight and tell me everything, alright?" He asked, placing his hands on my shoulders to get my attention.

I nodded even if I wasn't sure about my mom letting me go outside after last night. But if I hadn't nodded, he would've asked a hell lot of more questions.

I walked over to the back seat in hope that I could get some sleep and the teacher won't see me. Turns out the universe took some pity on me because our Calculus teacher was absent today.

How remarkable.

I sighed in relief, kept my book on the desk and laid my head down on it, closing my eyes. Everyone was busy doing what they wanted as it was a free period. I, on the other hand, decided to sleep.

I couldn't help but get that queasy feeling in my stomach again, since I had seen Blake. There was this something hidden in the way he had looked at me.

I felt somebody getting seated beside me. I didn't look up. Whoever it was could certainly see that I was trying to sleep. It would be very much appreciated if that person minded it's own business. Or if that person had a death wish, I could just–

"God, you sleep a lot." The person beside me muttered.

The way he stated that made me realize that he was really realizing that now. Like he couldn't possibly shut his mouth and state out the stupid fact as if it was supposed to be embarrassing.

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