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Dedicated to Arshian_Vinny

Hey, sweetie, I'm so sorry for such a late birthday present. But I was out of ideas. Thanks to Kavita Didu for sharing this plot with me or don't know when I would have presented this to you.

Belated Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


"Jugnu!" Khushi smiled looking at the fireflies Arnav had caught in a pot. Khushi's eyes darted towards Arnav who had his intense gaze locked to her face. Khushi looked back at the pot as heat rose up her cheeks feeling Arnav's unwavering gaze.

"Ahh!" Khushi gasped lightly as the fireflies flew out of the pot and the hut.

Khushi looked back at Arnav who was looking at the window through which the fireflies left. He was probably thinking of ways to find light.

"I'll just-" Arnav tried speaking only to be stopped by Khushi who held his hand. "It's alright, Arnav-ji. I am no more scared of the dark. I have you."

Arnav looked at Khushi as she spoke the last words. Her voice gave away the trust she had in him and the trust gagged Arnav.

'Why did I fail to show the same trust in her?' Arnav mused.

Arnav looked at Khushi etching every inch of her face in his mind. Oh, how scared he had been at the thought of not seeing Khushi again! Of not being able to confess his love to her! Only that the guilt in his heart had reduced when he had talked to her over the call. Arnav gently pushed back the fringe of hair that blocked his view.

"I am sorry!" Arnav whispered looking over at Khushi with remorse and regret filling him. Khushi looked at him confused at his sudden apology. She wondered as to what was the apology for.

"Arnav-ji, why are you apologizing?" Khushi asked afraid of the unknown. Arnav withdrew his hand dropping it slowly, preparing himself to apologize for all the times he has hurt her.

'Life time's gonna fall short.' His mind ridiculed.

Arnav darted his gaze to the floor too ashamed to look at Khushi. He held Khushi's right palm in his left while his right palm rested on Khushi's shoulder trying to gather in strength to apologize.

"Khushi, I.. I-" Arnav's sweat broke through his forehead and his fingers tightened a little making Khushi jerk a little at the feel on his fingers on her skin. She looks over her left shoulder to see the torn part of her salwar suit. Khushi shivered under Arnav's hold making him look at her. Arnav followed her gaze to see her uncomfortably shift in her place. Arnav looked around the hut to find something, anything to wrap around Khushi and ease away her worry.

Arnav looked behinf d Khushi where lay a heap maybe consisting of some rags and clothes. Arnav cleared his throat gaining Khushi's attention and said, "There might be some clothes over there. Why don't you check if you can change into something?"

Khushi nodded her head still not looking at Arnav and walked over to the heap to find herself something. She took hold of some rags and formed a barrier between Arnav and her. She contemplated changing her clothes at a place with a man present. But her mind retorted back immediately.

'He is your husband. Moreover, he won't cross those clothes and come over and eat you.' Khushi chided herself and made her mind to change.

Arnav looked over at the barrier and saw a lantern lying near it. He picked up the lantern and tried creating some light. The only thought going on of not keeping Khushi in dark. Thankfully, the lantern had some kerosene inside it which helped Arnav create light in the hut. Arnav lowered down the flame not wanting to attract the goons towards the light.

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