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Virgil's eyes slowly opened.

His eyes Dart around the room you quickly realize he was in the hospital and remember what happened.


He started to set up then felt a wait on the bed. He looked over and saw that Rowan was sleeping. He smiled gently and setup.

Virgil swing his legs over the other side the bed and stood up. He walked over to the window then opened it. He felt the crisp cool air over his skin.

He looked out. The sun was Bailey Rising making a yellow Golden Glow.

Roman started to stir as he woke up his eyes open and he lifted his head up. To see Virgil is standing in front of the window.

His eyes wide and he field tears falling down them.

" Virgil?"

Roman said his voice was light and Afraid.
he said it as if he was afraid that Virgil would just disappear

Virgil's voice was creamy and smooth soft and gentle.

he warmly smiled and turned around. He stretched out his arms for Roman to hug him.

Roman had tears rolling down his face as he quickly stood up and almost knocked Virgil over in a hug.

" never do that again my love."

Roman said in a sob.

" no promises. But I will promise I'll Always Love You"

Virgil pulled away so he was looking at Roman.

Roman Linden in and Virgil studies tiptoes so their lips met.

*^*Wow Wow!!!*^*

Well I'm ending that there and tomorrow's Halloween yay so the story will have nothing to do with the storyline and it's just for fun but we will be back to the normal Story Once Halloween is over.


Oh my God I found some gay Oggi's

It took so long to find these❗

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