"Too cute for words."

"What's cute? One of them's a spider."

"Temporarily, silly. Don't you think seeing the three brothers snuggled up in sleep like this is adorable?"

"Creepy. I wouldn't hug your arm in my sleep."

"Liar. You held my hand when we slept."

"Did not."

"Did to."

"Um, you know I'm awake, I can hear you." I groaned.

My eyes fluttered open to the sight of a lantern room.


"Think it was perchance of your dumb luck that got us out of a pinch." Wilfred's voice interrupted the quiet of my left ear.

"Really?" I sat up and saw him and Lita next to me.

Their wounds were either healed or covered with a salving wet patch.

I glanced around and noticed Forneas working on Brystagg's back. Lyra sat against the wall, lost in her own thoughts. Buru was asleep, his arm connected to a saline drip and salving patches over most of his wounds. Colin was sitting next to Wilfred with a weird smile on his face.

"Yah awake Famisto." War yawned, letting go of my arm to sit up.

He grumbled when I had almost knocked him back down with a bear hug.

"Too cute." Lita whispered behind her hand that covered her mouth.

"Shuddup." War and I said in unison, which made matters worse.

She squealed with girly delight.

I released War with sigh.

"She's a bizarre one this girl." Death's voice chased away the remaining grogginess from my mind.

"Me don't like females but me like this Freend." Small Caps friendly voice was soothing.

I saw his spider body perched on my shoulder.

"I'm relieved to see you both well." I gently patted the tiny cap-tuft on his head.

"How'd we get here?" I asked as I tried to form an answer.

I remembered seeing the walls and floors reassembling around us then my memory went blank.

Wilfred filled in the blanks.

Basically, I had passed out from blood loss due to the slash wound on my arm. The rebuilding black and red mortar was pushing the floor area we sat on upwards until we were almost in reach of a pivot landing.

Saku had used his force magic to push us onto the landing before the tunnel entrance could move us away.

War had carried me and Lita (who had also been unconscious) to the landing's entrance corridor. Saku and Ryoko was able to assist the others off the platform in the nick of time.

The landing was soon destroyed by a mighty crash of tunnel debris that had broken it to pieces. We were in for more luck, when the landing corridor was for the medical units in the South Wing.

"Where's Saku and Ryoko?" I asked and was answered with a brief quake and sounds of distant fighting.

"They're fighting to hold back the escaping prisoners and demons in the South and West Wings with Jensen and the rest of the Orion Squad." Forneas answered in his usual machine-friendly voice. His metal mouse head twitched a forced smile.

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