Trick or Treat!

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Hey everyone! Sooo sorry that this is late. This was just something that I felt like doing. My bff and I hufflepuffturtle we're talking about what The Fellowship would look like in Halloween costumes... and I *had* to write about it! I want to be clear that I'm not off hiatus, and I'm still super busy. I just felt like writing this for fun.
*This is a modern-reader fanfiction*

You smiled to yourself. What a nice evening!
Today was the Halloween party. You were dressed up like a black cat, and you were sitting on a comfy couch at Aragorn's house with all of your friends. Everyone was having the time of their lives-even you were, despite usually not going to social gatherings. Though, you had to admit, it was a bit loud, especially in the living room.

Boromir was the DJ, but he was overwhelmed by all of the song requests. Pippin wanted hip hop, Merry wanted EDM, Gimli wanted country and Legolas wanted indie... Things were rather overwhelming. You felt sorry for Boromir. At least he had a good costume. He was dressed up as a werewolf.

You let out a small chuckle. You were watching (favorite movie) with Eowyn, Faramir, Arwen, and Aragorn. Eowyn and Faramir were dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. Arwen was a beautiful witch and Aragorn was (literally) a knight in shining armor. Arwen leaned her head on Aragorn's shoulder, and Eowyn and Faramir had their hands clasped together. You smiled sadly to yourself. You wished that you could have someone to share sweet moments with. As a matter of fact, you had had your eyes on a special someone for awhile. I wonder if I'll ever tell Legolas that I like him. Maybe I'll tell him tonight...

You got up. I'm going to walk around. I shouldn't sit here and sulk-it's Halloween! You walked the room. You looked around in awe at the intricate decorations that adorned the house. There were carved pumpkins, paper bats, plastic spiders, cotton cobwebs, and more.

You looked to the other side of the house where the basement door was. You heard voices. It sounds like Pippin and Merry. I wonder what they're up to. You opened the door and journeyed down the stairs into the basement.



You laughed. They were finishing up an intense game of Mario Kart. Merry was dressed as Thing 1, and Pippin was Thing 2.

"HAHA PIPPIN! I WIN!" Merry shrieked in victory.

"That's not fair..." Pippin frowned, his round eyes widening in disappointment. Merry chuckled and then faced you.

"I knew that I'd win. Would you like to play with us for the next game, Y/N?"

You chuckled, "No thanks Merry. You guys can keep playing together. I think that I may get a snack."

"Alright. See ya later!" Merry waved and then turned to Pippin, "I bet I'll beat you again!"

"No you won't," Pippin retorted, "you just had good luck!"

You went up the stairs and called before you exited the basement, "I believe in you, Pippin!"

When you shut the door, a pleasant smell from the kitchen reached your nose. I wonder what that is... You briskly walked towards the kitchen.

Frodo and Sam were in the kitchen. Sam was dressed as a chef. His hat was comically too big for him. He had to constantly put it up over his eyes. Frodo was dressed as a flower. He always made the cheesy "Frodo-synthesis" joke. What a dork. He's a great friend though.

Sam was going most of the cooking, but Frodo was helping out here and there. He mainly was reading ingredients, stirring things, and staring at the food.

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