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I hope you're ready for SebJenkins and I to scare your pants off in honor of Halloween. 😈 This story is an all new urban legend to add to your favorite seasonal scares. Additionally, there are alternate endings you'll be able to check out on mine and Seb's profiles for a unique reading experience. Check out Seb's work if you haven't, he's brilliant.

If you love the story, please let us know!

There might just be more spooky seasonal works to come. 😉


Welcome to the town of Pumpkin Springs...

Lydia thinks she's too old for trick or treating. All of her friends tell her it's lame, but when her mom threatens to take away her cell phone privileges if she doesn't take her little brother out to collect candy, Lydia dons her grim-reaper costume and walks little Scotty door to door.

What she finds beyond the threshold will haunt her for the rest of the night... and maybe for the rest of her life.

The Trick or Treat Man is much more than some urban legend geared to get rogue trick or treaters in by bedtime... he's a living nightmare. And he's chosen Lydia's dreams to haunt.

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