I woke up to my phone beeping I picked it up and looked at the time it was 5:30 am I groaned and rolled out of bed I looked to see Liam sleeping peacefully with his arms wrapped around Ash. I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture. I got ready for work and walked down stairs everybody was still asleep. I walked out to my car and drove to work.

I feel my phone beeping in my pocket and I ignored it.

"hey Sarah I'm going to head home now" I said to one of my co-workers.

"ok see you tomorrow" she said waving to me. I took out my keys and unlocked my car. I sat in the drivers seat and took out my phone I had 3 missed called from Liam 1 from Harry and 1 from Zayn. I also had 4 texts from Liam:

Hey babe you at work?xx

Call me

Kenz please call me!xxxx

We need to talk.

I gulped and started my car. I drove back to the flat and the door was unlocked. Ash was sitting on the couch watching tv. I walked into the kitchen and everybody except Liam were sitting at the table. They turned their heads as I walked in

"can somebody explain to me what is going on"

"we don't really know Liam just got upset" Louis said and I nodded

"you need to talk to Liam about that" Zayn said

I walked upstairs to see Liam sitting on our bed typing on his laptop.

"what's going on?" I asked him

"what's this?" he asked picking up the ultrasound

"where did you get that?" I asked my eyes watering.

"I found it" he admitted. I set my purse down on the ground and started sobbing.

"Kenz come here" he said hugging me.

"I'm sorry I should have told you" I said still crying. I heard someone run up the stairs. Ash ran in

"mommy why are you crying?" she asked a frown on her face.

"mommy is sad right now" Liam said kissing my cheek. She hugged us and and I smiled and Liam wiped away my tears and I put my head on his shoulder. We walked down stairs and the lads were still sitting at the table.

"hey" I said

"everything ok?" Niall asked

"yep" Liam said looking at me and I nodded.

"so what happened?" Louis asked curious

"do you want to tell them?" Liam whispered in my ear

"yeah let's get it over with" I said taking a breath and Liam showed them the ultrasound.

"Ash was supposed to have a twin sister"

A/N: ok so a bunch of people kept telling me to read the Zux fan fic and I never got around to it. But today I read it and that is the most disturbing thing I have ever read it is disgusting. And the writer of it was like 10 years old! Even though she "apologized" I don't care you shouldn't write something like that and then she wrote a part 2! I'm sorry that girl is messed up. If you haven't read it and want to, message me and I can send it to you. Ten comments and ten votes for the next chapter.


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