If only you were mine

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My name is Rodrigo, Rodrigo S. And this is how my story starts.
        I was born in a small country back in 1998. I just finish high school, and next year I'll be attending the university. There are many things that fascinate me, but nothing fascinates me the most as Biology does.  I just want to help the planet; I want to be able to make a change! That's why I would love to win a trip to the Bahamas in June -July. I want to win it so badly so that people know how important it is to love the environment and everything around us.

     Today is my first day at the University! I'm so excited! Most of my fellow classmates are attending the same university , but they are studying different majors. My best friend Ariel is with me. He's the other one who understands me and the constant fight I have with the environment. for what I can say about me, I've always been a lonely boy... I'm very shy, I have never had a girlfriend, I just enjoy playing video games online. I'm pretty much an average teenager boy. I had no idea my life was going to have some changes while being at the university. I had my first class at 6:45; I was so anxious to start it. I knew some of the faces that were with me in the classroom. There were some others that I didn't recognize at all. The profesor began talking and asked lots of questions. I knew the answers to all of them to be honest, but I was to shy to answer. One girl raised her hand... I was astonished by her beauty. She looked like an angel to me. "Ariel,do you know her?" I asked my best friend. "No, Rod. I don't know her... but Daniela does" Ariel sad. When the class finished, Ariel and I went to talk to Daniela and asked her about that girl. She said that the unknown girl was "Heidi", and that she has a boyfriend.  That made me feel sad because I liked her... I liked her presence in my classroom... It was love at first sight. But apparently she didn't care about being with someone else while being in a relationship.

      I was starving, so Ariel and I went to the cafeteria in the campus. Almost everything looked good to me. The cafeteria was empty because most of the students were to come on Tuesday. I bought my breakfast and opened my book. I was so bored at the moment. I was only thinking about the project that we had to do in order to go to the Bahamas. I decided to play on my phone for a little bit when suddenly I could feel someone touching my shoulder. "Hi, I'm Heidi. I see you are in my same class. Nice to see you!" She said. She was aware of my existence! That felt amazing. "Oh... hi, I'm Shag... Rodrigo. Nice to meet you, Heidi" I Said. I was shaking. I stopped playing on my cellphone and paid attention to her. "So, What do you think so far of the classes? She asked me... ME! "Well, I like it. I don't have any complaints yet" I said. I couldn't stop seeing her eyes while she was talking to me. "Well, I'm taking the subject again. I failed it last year haha, so I'm taking it again... with a different teacher for sure" she added. She was older than me for what I could sense. I was astonished by everything she was saying. Then she got a phone call from her "boyfriend". She said goodbye and went home. Ariel and I just waited there to go to our second class at 10 am.

           I was still thinking about her and wondering why she went to talk to me in the morning. I was not paying attention to the class I was at the moment... I was just thinking about Heidi. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. "Hey man, stop daydreaming" Ariel said to me while pushing my arm away from my face. "I'm not daydreaming man. I'm just thinking" I added. That made me feel angry. "Relax Shaggy, she's taken man" he said. "I told you I don't like being called like that! Not since we left high school" I told him. I didn't want anyone to know my nickname. That was so childish. I needed to have anew life. I needed to mingle with different people; I didn't want them to bully me from coming from an expensive school; I wanted to be normal once and for all; I dint even wanted them to treat me bad for having a wealthy family. I went back home at 12:35 pm. I was ready to take a nap, but my friends called me to play online, and I couldn't say no to that. Video games are my life. I love playing them for several hours. I changed my favorite character in the game to make it look like Heidi. I was still mesmerized by her. I played for almost three hours and then ate lunch.

            I was so happy for the day I had at my first day at the university. I couldn't wait to go back tomorrow and see her. I wanted to become more than friends with her. I was daydreaming about a life with her. I know... it's too soon, but she was more than just a random girl in my class... she was the one I wanted for me. I wanted to play video games with her, I wanted to show her about everything I love. I wanted her to work with me in the project for the Bahamas. I needed her to become a close friend of mine. But first I needed to start dressing up a little bit better. Like an adult would.

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