Breakfast With Head

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"And then we came back here." Grace explained, letting out a tiny yawn. She had only woken up about half an hour prior to making pancakes with the other girl. The sound of a toilet flushing wasn't the greatest alarm clock but she wasn't too upset. The bed was comfy and was big enough for all three of them. It probably helped that she woke up with one of Geoff's arms around her and her head laying on his chest. "Unless you want details about that too."

"I-I'm fine." Geoff still couldn't believe what had happened. Between the fight and the three-way, he was positive that the alcohol had come into play. His body ached; a mixture between beatings of both love and hate. He hadn't noticed the hickeys on his inside of inside of his thighs when he was putting on his boxers or the ones on his neck when he slid his shirt back on. His body was painted in various shades of purple but he was instead focused on the pounding in his head.

"It's not like you remember that either." Chloe had assumed that he wouldn't remember the intimate aspect of their night if he couldn't remember his altercation. It was a shame, really. It was one of Chloe's best experiences but it was fuzzy in her mind. She had a vague recollection until she had spoken to Grace and exchanged details about the hookup. Grace too said it was one of her better moments. "What's the difference? You can't tell me you aren't a little curious."

"Your face says everything." Grace's comment was correct. The heat had risen to Geoff's cheeks, tainting him a ruby color. He looked down at his lap and focused on eating the remaining berries on his plate. He had finished the pancakes during Grace's epic tale of the night before. Popping the blueberry in his mouth reminded him of his roommate. He had to see Awsten. He would be able to help him make sense of the sticky situation he had gotten himself into. "You're right. He totally is precious."

"You called me precious?" Geoff might as well of been a cactus at that point because the two of them were talking about him like he wasn't even there. Everything they were saying was nice and everything but it didn't stop him from feeling excluded; a polar opposite from the night before. Geoff had been described as precious before along with a handful of other cute phrases before. He got compared to a puppy often and it was something he had gotten used to.

"Right? He's like a puppy." He knew it was only a matter of time before Chloe uttered the overplayed compliment. The two-toned blonde still smiled like it was an original thought although it was more in regards to Grace finally starting to open up to the two of them. It wasn't so much that she was closed off before but hesitant to get close to either of them emotionally. Physically was a completely different story.

"More like a rabbit." Grace giggled at her comment referencing the night before and Chloe followed suit. It was one of the more interesting things had every done. She had never been a part of a threesome before. Having the experience under her belt made her feel older somehow; more mature sexually. She was glad she exchanged numbers with the duo the night before even if she wasn't sure they would be as willing to do what happened the night before sober. Either way, she thought they were both interesting enough to see again. Even if it was just to get a coffee instead of getting eaten out.

"If you guys are going to keep joking about last night, I'm gonna leave." Geoff sighed, knowing that he wouldn't actually do anything like that. He was too polite to just storm out of Chloe's apartment, especially after they had been nice enough to make him breakfast. Breakfast was a luxury that didn't exist at Awsten's for the most part. Awsten would make some egg white omelette that tasted vaguely like chalk the one time he had eaten it. Since then, breakfast had more or less just become Geoff eating whatever leftovers from his work he had taken home during the last closing shift he had. If he hadn't closed recently, breakfast consisted of whatever food of Awsten's could be taken without being caught. "Just promise me I didn't do anything weird."

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