She Who Shall Not Be Named

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"Okay but what happened after the sex?" Awsten wasn't all that curious about the details of the deed. He didn't exactly want to hear about his roommate plowing two hot girls, it kind of made him feel bad for himself. It wasn't fair. Geoff wasn't even the sort of guy who wanted a threesome, let alone was able to appreciate such a feat. Geoff couldn't even remember it for Christ's sake! Awsten especially didn't want to think about Geoff's face or the sounds coming out of his mouth while everything was happening. He didn't.

"Awsten!" Geoff's face was flushed a shade that resembled that of an overripe watermelon. He wasn't one of those guys to speak about his sex life and he was even less likely to talk about it in such a public setting. He was convinced that the waitress would be coming up at any moment to top up both of their drinks. There were children a couple tables over having breakfast with their parents! He wasn't about to talk all the dirty things Grace and Chloe said he had done, which was a lot apparently.

"Sorry, the threesome." Awsten smiled cheekily at his roommate, interested in the story almost as much as his breakfast. That was a difficult task because this restaurant was clearly a hidden gem. Awsten was convinced that the pancakes could've been made into clouds. They were much lighter and more fluffy than anything his mom had ever made. He was starting to get full but decided that he could probably polish off another plate of perfection. "What? I want to know what happened after she told you about your bar fight and night of magic." He wiggled his dark brows at the boy across from him and was met with a scoff.

"Can we please not call it a bar fight?" Geoff couldn't look at the boy any longer. He didn't want to tell the rest of his story; he hadn't wanted to tell it in the first place. He was far more interested in Awsten's night and why he had gotten one of their infamous bad day texts. It was supposed to be one of the best days of Awsten's life, not one of the worst. Geoff had so many questions but before he could get answers, he had to recount his evening. He would've rather disappeared. "I like to think of it as rescuing a pretty girl."

"You can call it whatever you want but you've still got a shiner." Awsten was waving his fork at Geoff, trying and failing to sell him on his point. He was right though, Geoff's eye looked much worse now that some time had passed. He was lucky to still be able to see out of his eyes. It still hurt to the touch but thankfully it wasn't an area that came in contact too much. The ache on his lip injury was much worse and the salt from his french fries wasn't helping. Every bite would burn but it didn't stop Geoff from eating the fried potatoes.

"It won't be gone by work but I figure Michaela's go-"

"Don't say that name around me." Awsten covered his ears with his hands, fork still in his right one. He looked at Geoff seriously regardless of his childish position. Whatever had happened the night before made the other boy not want to even hear the name of the person he was on a date with less than fourteen hours ago. It had to have been something major for Awsten to have such a change of heart. A mere twenty-four hours ago he couldn't shut up about the blonde haired girl and now he didn't even want to remember her existence.

"Sorry. Voldemort might let me borrow her concealer or something." Geoff was hoping that whatever had happened between the two of them wasn't big enough for Michaela to hate him by association. He didn't think Michaela was that petty or held that much of a grudge against people but then again, he hadn't known her as well as he could have. He wasn't looking forward to having to explain his injury to all of his coworkers. His stomach lurked at all the questions and the possibility of his threesome coming into conversation. Would Awsten still visit him at work? He hoped so.

"Who's Voldemort?" Awsten scrunched up his nose at the foreign word on his tongue. It sounded like a disease that an old person would die from or something. For someone so young, he was incredibly out of touch with some aspects of pop culture. In the areas he lacked, Geoff seemed pretty knowledgeable up until the year he died originally. The name sounded vaguely familiar when Geoff said it but with Awsten's clear mispronunciation didn't help his confusion.

"You know, from Harry Potter?" Geoff snickered, praying that Awsten wasn't for real. Seriously, who didn't know about Voldemort? He was positive that he was one of the most recognizable and iconic villains of the fantasy genre. His interesting appearance clashed with Michaela's to say the least, making the name the perfect joke. It flew over Awsten's head.

"Never read it." Awsten shrugged, not ashamed of his admission of guilt. He was a nerd in high school by physical definition, not mental. Inside of playing Magic the Gathering, playing video games during lunch or binge reading Harry Potter, he spent all of his time with his guitar and two best friends. Two best friends he had been meaning to introduce Geoff too. Whatever. A year isn't that short, he had time. "Or saw the movies. Fuck magic. That shit is scary."

"It's about a twelve year old at a magic school." Geoff was the exact opposite. The entirety of his high school career was dominated by video games. It got to the point where he almost didn't graduate because of The Legend of Zelda. The taller boy practically dropped out of school because of the game, making his dad a weird mixture of anger and understanding. It was scary. "It's not scary."

"I don't fuck with anything supernatural anymore." Awsten didn't mess with the supernatural but not for the reasons most people would have. He wasn't smart enough to know better, at least not at first. In his teens, him and his friends used to love playing with Ouija boards and trying out all spooky kinds of games. There had been a few times that the trio had even accidentally summoned a ghost. After Travis had been possessed for two minutes by what they could only assume was an evil spirit, the three of them agreed to stop. "Sorry, not all of us are nerds."

"I still want to know what happened between you and Voldemort." Geoff teased carefully, trying not to cross any boundaries. Awsten's face fell. He was a little unpredictable in that sense. The purple haired boy could poke fun at everyone but came to be a bit more sensitive when it came to others joking about his own flaws. Speaking of sensitive, the sting in Geoff's lower lip was becoming too powerful to ignore. He pushed his plate of fries towards his roommate, silently offering it to him. Awsten's face lit up at the gesture, shoving a handful of fries into his mouth.

"And I want to know what happened between the three of you the morning after so spill."

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