chapter 1(edited)

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Contains swearing.


What the fuck is that?

Wait, no, who the fuck is that?

Those were Shigaraki's thoughts right now.

He was walking down the street to go buy some milk because Dabi decided that he was going to be a little shit at 7:00 in the morning.

He did not expect to see a little baby on the side of the street.

You know he could of just like- walked away and mind his own buisness but he decided to get a closer look.

when he got a closer look at the box Izuku was in, he saw what he looked like. He had a large bush of black hair with green at the tips, big green eyes and cute freckles dusting his whole face.

You know Shigaraki isn't one to use the word "cute" in a sentence, but if you saw this kid you had to admit, he did look really cute.

Now for some reason this kid seemed to really atract Tomura. He decided to try and speak to the kid. Key word "try".

He went closer and waved at the child and said, "hey kid, what the hell are you doing in a box on the side of the street?"

It seemed that he forgot that Izuku was a newborn, not that there was any indication of him being a newborn, it was just that you could easily assume that.

All that Izuku did was tilt his head to the side making a sort of confused face while his bush looking excuse head hair followed his movements.

Shigaraki was mad when he didn't respond and then mentally facepalmed when he realized something.

He was a fucking newborn.

Shigaraki quickly put two and two together and realized that the child was inside a box and seemed to not have any adults with him. Now when you meet him he seemed like a person that would not care about anything but himself.

On this particular day the streets were very cold and the child seemed to not have anything on exept diapers. He could just leave and let this child freeze to death but for some reason he seemed to get this feeling that he needed to protect this kid with his life.

Shigaraki crouched down infront of the child, took his sweater off, took Izuku and wrapped him in it. He held him protectively close to his chest as if he was going to dissapear and never come back.

Tomura leaned down and pressed his chapped lips on his forhead securing a soft kiss on it. Immediately Izuku curled further into his arms seeking warmth in the arms of the blue haired boy.


Shigaraki quickly arrived at the bar holding a sleeping Izuku to his chest and holding a bag of cleaning supplies in his right hand being careful not to hold it with all five fingers. When he got in all eyes went to the small ball curled up on his chest.

"Shigaraki, what is that thing on your chest?" Asked Kurogiri lifting his head up from the shot glass he was cleaning to face the tall pale boy holding protectively to a small bundle.

"Tomura~kun, what is that?" Asked Toga, quickly getting up from her seat on the stool running over to the little Izuku wrapped protectively in his arms.

When Toga got close enough to touch him she reached her hand out, Tomura quickly pushed her hard and she fell on her butt on the floor.

"Hey why are you so protective of that thing?" She asked, now softly rubing her bottom to ease the pain. He quickly looked at her and said, "Because I don't want any of you scaring the little guy, especially you Dabi with those stupid scars on your face."

"Little guy, eh? You got a son or something chapped lips?" Quickly shot back Dabi after hearing the comment Tomura made on his face.

"I found this kid in a box on the sidewalk. It was freezing so I took him in, he is going to be taken care of by me from now on." Said Shigaraki, gaining the attention of All for One who was secretly hearing from behind the screen.

"Shigaraki, you can't take care of the child, plus, we don't have anything that will help take care of it." Said Kurogiri while helping Himiko up from the floor.

"If you really want to take care of them then you need to figure out how your going to get the supplies." Added Kurogiri walking back to behind the bar.

"Nonsense Kurogiri, you can just go to the mall, take a bunch of things and warp back here." Said All for One after hearing what Kurogiri said about not being able to take care of Izuku.

"Sensei!" Exclaimed Tomura after hearing the voice of the pillar of evil.

"Heh, you really think man child over here can actually take care of another human being? He can hardly take care of himself." Questioned Dabi, teasing the new "father" .

Tomura was about to respond to Dabi when he felt shuffling on his chest, he looked down and was met with big sparkling eyes with a few gold specks. Tomura took Izuku in his arms and sat down on a stool.

He looked down at the small child in his arms and started making funny faces making the newborn giggle loudly. The newborn was laughing so hard his face turned slightly dark red making him look like a strawberry with his green hair, red face and freckles that were dusted all over his face.

Dabi looked at the faces Shigaraki was making.

"You look so stupid you know that right you edgy teen?" Tomura stopped making faces and commented back "I don't know what you are talking about, you look way more edgy than me"

Toga poked Tomura on the shoulder gaining his attention, when he looked at her she asked "what's the little guys name?" Tomura, after hearing that, he began to think, he eventually came to an agreement with himself and announced the name to the league which were now looking at him after hearing Himiko's question.

"Izuku Shigaraki." He said plainly and continued to play with the newly named child. Himiko poked him again and asked "can I hold him, please Tomura~kun?" Shigaraki seemed to think about it then came to an agreement and told her she can.

Dabi was in his dark corner as per usual. He watched as they happily played with the newborn and smiled slightly to himself. He was finally happy after more than ten years.


Writing a decent first chapter was harder than I thought!

Im sorry if it seems rushed, I just wanted to get this out as soon as possible so I can atleast get to progressing the story alot more. It took 3-4 hours to write this.

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