Chapter 27.

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Give me shelter.


I glare up at the agent, shaking my head. "You know you've got her on some bullshit charge. She didn't know Tara aside from her being my ex-wife, and now you're going to try and charge her with not reporting her presence? You gonna' charge the rest of Charming for not reporting too?" I tell him, not impressed that he had to drag Al into this.

Lincoln chuckles, "You're right, it is a silly charge and truthfully nothing rests on her. We can't charge her because there's nothing grounding enough about it, but she doesn't know that. For all she's aware, she's being charged and will face the consequences. Good job for figuring out the flaw in the American justice system, Jackson."

I roll my eyes, shaking my head. "So, what do you want? To get SAMCRO once and for all?"

The man shakes his head, showing that's not what he's after. "I learned something back when that was happening. Do you know what I learned?" He asks me, and I shrug, sitting in the quiet room. "If you can't beat them, join them."

I raise my eyebrow, "What the hell does that mean?"

Lincoln takes a second before nodding, "I want a deal with SAMCRO, I want a partnership. You give us intel and we protect you. We'll give you ammo, take out your enemies, whatever you need, but you let us know before the chaos erupts, and get us closer to what we want- the IRA."

I let out a laugh, "You're kidding, right?"

He shakes his head, "Absolutely not." He looks around, "I have to pay Alexis a visit, and then I'll be back. Think about it." And with that, he leaves me alone in the room. I let out a groan and slam my fist against the wall.


"Alexis Teller or Trager? What do you prefer?" I look up and see the man from earlier. My eyes puffy and sore from crying so hard.

"Teller." I respond quietly.

"Alexis Teller, has a ring to it doesn't it?" he asks before sitting across from me in the isolated room. "How's your stay been so far?" he asks me.

He has to be joking. I look over to him and shake my head, "I miss my children. When can I see them? I would like to speak to my lawyer."

The man shakes his head, "Sorry, but I don't have to legally let you see your lawyer, so instead, we're going to have a chat. Let's talk about the Sons of Anarchy- your husband and father. What do you know about their actions? What do you know about Tara Knowles and her association?"

I sigh, "She was married to Jax. They're just a group of guys who enjoy riding motorcycles and helping out their community." I tell him, "I never really paid much attention to what they did." I lie, knowing damn well they do more than riding bikes and acting as vigilantes.

"I'll make this clear for you, Alexis. You either give me intel on your husband or you never see your kids again. Having a charge even close to your name gives me the right to remove them from their home as it's deemed unsafe and chaotic. How does that sound?"

I shake my head, tears welling up knowing that I can't rat Jax out. "I-I can't do that, I can't tell you anything I don't know about."

The man chuckles, "Ma'am, if there's one thing you should know, it's to never lie to someone of authority. You grew up around SAMCRO, you're the princess and he's the prince. I'm not silly." He says before standing up and walking to the door. "How about a tea?" he asks before abandoning me in the room once more, leaving me to my violent sobs.


"Well Jackson, there it is." He says, handing me the deal. "You sign, or I make your wife choose between you and her children. What do you want?"

I shake my head, thinking that there must be a way out of this. "I can't sign over the club without doing a vote or something." I tell him, not feeling right about agreeing to a deal without the club behind me.

He chuckles, "Just like that deal with Stahl, huh?" he says, getting under my skin. I glare up at the lanky man and he sighs, "If only Alexis knew how little your family meant to you in comparison to your club. A sad day that'll be when she finds out."

"She's more important, she knows that." I hiss at him as the deal sits in my lap.

"The legal loop holes are all there. Read it over quick and sign it, or I'll have your wife make the decision for you." he threatens before walking out of the room. I sigh and look down at the deal, reading it through and getting to the signature page. My stare burning into the page as I weigh my choices and the karma that's attached.

I pick up the pen and scribble my name across the line before tossing it in the chair across from me, bending down and holding my head in my hands. 

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