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Okay so I'm rewriting this story, changing a few things and correcting some obvious mistakes. I know most of you hated how Christian basically rolled over and let Cameron be an asshole. It was like my first story written so bear with me. Christian will have more of a backbone and more...self-respect I guess is the right word. The beginning will be slightly the same but different at the same time...if that makes sense. Whatever *rolls eyes*

Never in my life did I think I would feel this type of pain. I can still feel the bullet slicing through the skin, embedding itself deep within the body. I feel the burn, I feel the broken ribs and bloody cuts along the body. The ache and sting when movement comes.

I knew something would go wrong today. I just didn't know it would come to this...this pain that wouldn't go away no matter how much I beg. I try to be strong but it's hard. It is killing me from the inside out. The's the type of pain that eats away at you piece by piece.

Before you know what is happening to you, there is nothing left to save. Do you know the worst part? It's knowing that physically my body is 100% fine. The pains I feel are not mine to feel, so I know it is worse for him.Who is him you ask?Well he is Alpha Cameron James Slater of the Shadow Woods Pack. But most importantly he is my mate.

My name is Christian Carlisle and this is our story.

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