Chapter 23

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{Gabriel's POV}

I hate being on watch duty.

After flying for about a good hour and half Sombra was now sitting indian style on the grass meditating while that annoying friend of her's sat up against a tree taking a small nap. She seemed to be mastering controlling her powers because I didn't sense it overpowering her in any way.

Terrance soon woke up and stretched before mumbling "hi" to her and laying lazily on the grass seemingly tried from I don't know what. She smiled and moved over to him; placing his head on her lap and played with his hair causing a relaxed smile to spread across his face. They soon began talking about random things, nothing intriguing to me in the slightest. The Moon Goddess's words rang in my ear

"I don't care how hard you and Seth have to work, get other people to do it I don't care. I want that piece of scrap metal DEAD!"

This should be easy. I mean, we're dealing with an unstable girl and a wannabe boyfriend, what could possibly go wrong?

"Gabe?" I turned to see Seth walking past me a good couple of yards away and looking down a trail path. I tapped the blue crystal which took off my disguise as Sebastian and raised my hand.

"Over here Seth."

Hearing my voice he turned to me and made his way over. Concealing his presence so that the 2 brats wouldn't sense him.

"Did anything happen?"

"Besides them acting like a lovey dovey couple? No." I rolled my eyes. "The sight of love makes me want to puke."

"They still a better love story then twilight."



I glared at him. "Now isn't the time for jokes Seth."

"Aw come on lighten up a bit, we still got a few days to kill them."

"Technically one when the Goddess gets pissed and trys to kill us." I grumbled underneath my breath.

"Ok ok, so what's the plan? You and I both know that these 2 are pretty strong."

"Nothing that we can't handle." I shrugged, seeing them get up from their spot. Sombra jumped on his back causing hin to stumble forward a bit from the force as she loudly ordered him to carry her back. He frowned and didn't budge and instead mumbled something which made her blush and jump down fast, glaring at him.

"How the hell do you know about that?"

In response he shrugged and tapped the side of his head. "I'm just smart. And I already knew about it anyways remeber?"

"Whatever, but if you ever do it I will personally kill you in your sleep." She hissed threatening. He only smiled and patted her head as if she was a child, obviously not taking her threat seriously.

"Sure, ok." He then started to walk away with her speed walking right behind him and passing him. Grumbling things that made him smile and chuckle. Once they we far enough I decided that it was time for us to act.

So I took a step forward.

Wrong move.

He immediately picked up on my presence despite it still being hidden and his head snapped over in my direction with red eyes.


"Sombra." He spoke in a menacing tone. "Can you come here for a second?" It didn't take long for her to reapper from the trees.

"T, what's wrong?"

His eyes quickly returned to normal and he gave her a strange look. "Do you not sense anyone near us?"

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