banned Mutations

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All of the following are banned or cautioned and must talk to me about them in pms if you wish to try to make one of these abilities work for your character.

mind reading - except for those who have already been approved (special cases)

Metal bending/manipulation

Super strength - to the extent of being able to break through Vibranium (the alien metal element used within the lab and black panther)

Manipulation of Ventrabras- an alien electrical type energy made up of molecular gas,  atomic hydrogen,  and ionized gas,  in a crystalized form known as Ventrabras. 

Shape morphing - in the extent of being able to travel through cracks or gaps,  (only shape-shifting is allowed of this ability,  in the extent of changing between physical beings, such as turning into animalistic forms or other humanoid beings. )

Omnipotent metamorphic ability- no abilities that can change randomly or steal the abilities of others.

Necromancy/black magic- no abilities that can steal away the life for others or mortals with the wave of a hand,  or things like "the force". (Obviously things can be killed but through fighting and eventually dying possibly.)

Healing- to the extend of being able to repeatedly heal others with out a severe taxation of ones own magical energy.  Only small amounts of healing allowed.

Mind control- no control of others or humans.

All knowing- no knowing of everything without learning it.

Time Manipulation- no control over the element of time be it past,  present,  or future,  or freezing time.

Space manipulation/Matter- no control over space or matter,  such as alchemy in FMA. 

Celestial manipulation- no manipulation of celestial bodies or elements.

Plane Jumping/manipulating- no controlling of the ethereal realm or nether realm,  no ability to move between these planes either.

Teleportation - no teleportation (unless you've spoken to me about it and we've found a way it could work)

This list can change at any time

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