I woke up mid afternoon -which is unusual for me- as the sun beemed across my soft caramel complexion. The only explanation I had, is that I had a lot on my mind and couldn't sleep well. I was glad that I at least awoke about an hour before the festival, giving me enough time to go through my usual routine to get ready for the day. I decided to leave my hair put on my pink Jean shorts that came to the middle of my thigh, with zippers at the pockets, a white shirt, a black sleeveless vest with metal buttons, and white shoes with a big black X going down the sides. When I walked out my room I saw Celty there laughing with my mom as her brother stood quietly to the side.

When Celty realized I was there she looked at me and smiled. "There you are! So, your finally awake. We've been waiting for you."

"You didn't have to."

"But we wanted to, right Cal?"

"Right," he said.

"Now come on let's go!" she said as she rushed over to me grabbing my hand and started pulling me out the door.

"Bye, mom!" I called before I was completely out the house.

Cal, Celty and I walked to the town center where the festival was being held. There were several carts filled with all sorts of things in each one. There were balloons flowing around everywhere, all sorts of food and desserts. Every single shop lowered their prices just for the festival The festival always brought people together with such a colorful sight, giving nothing but happiness to those attending, and the people promoting the festival gave them a fulfillment of knowing that they caused smiles on every child, man and woman's face.

Several events and performances started to go on as the festival continued. I was just looking around at the decorations when my eyes fell on a standing off to the side by himself. He seemed mysterious and like a loner, he didn't seem to mind that he was alone on such an eventful day. He had shoulder length black hair with a white streak, and red burgundy colored eyes. He was wearing a black sleeveless vest that seemed to stop a little above his waist.

The medium sized strip at the end of the vest and the color was colored in red, while the rest of the vest had stripes of blue, and yellow all throughout. He was also wearing a white shirt under the vest and gloves that had the fingers cut off to match his vest. The gloves were blue at the tips, the base at his wrist was yellow, with two stripes of red going across the black at the top of his hand. His jeans were also black that loosely fitted perfectly on him, they also had stripes of red, blue, and yellow all throughout. Lastly, he had white shoes with medium sized stripes going across them.

I was soon distracted from the boy when I heard a roar of applause to welcome the performance of the dancing snake. About ten people get in a large costume and do a signature dance telling the story of a magical being who was betrayed daughter, who used him for her own personal gain of power. When it got to the middle of the performance there was an odd shaking going on in the costume.

"This is new," Cal stated

Soon it seemed he clouds and sky started to grey and get darker, and the wind grew violent. Then the costume shook more and ripped letting out a large amount of heartless on to the ground immediatlley causing everyone to run and the heartless chasing them. I couldn't believe my eyes, I was so frightened I couldn't move, I was as still as stone.

"Come on Ayame, why are you just standing there?! We have to move!" Celty said as she was aggressively pull my arm, that soon got my planted feet to move and start running down the street. Cal waited for us to catch up and started to run with us.

"This ways a short cut, come on!" he said leading us down a street cutting into the market place. Then at the end of the street there were three heartless standing looking around until they spotted us and came charging. I didn't know what to think, I couldn't. Would I lose my heart? would this be my last day?

Celty and I kept running but stooped when we noticed Cal wasn't with us. We looked back to seem him standing against the smll group of heartless. "Cal, what are you doing!?" Tears started to wellin Celty's eyes.

"Just take Ayame and go!"


"I'll be fine, now go!" Celty nodded and started to run with tears in her eyes as she grabbed my wrist taking me with her. We kept running until we saw a group of heartless in our path.

"This way Ayame!" she turned to run towards home but on the way our path was blocked by a group of heartless and then in the blink of an eye they came charging at us. Celty quickly pushed me in the opposite direction. "Go Ayame!"

"Celty, no,,"

"Go, now!" she pushed me again in the opposite direction but this time I started to run I looked back seeing that the heartless had pounced on Celty, but when they realized I was getting away they started running after me leaving Celty there, hopefully just unconscious. I started to run faster, I decided to go towards the garden. The garden is where I felt the safest and where I knew I would be, with the gardens iron gate and 20 foot stone wall. My legs were starting to get tired and ache but I couldn't stop, I just couldn't. I soon saw the gardens iron gate and moved quicker hoping to get to it before the group of heartless could get me.

When I was short but yet it seemed a far distance from the gate I tripped over a crack on the street and fell. I caught myself on my elbow and noticed I had scraped me knee. I looked back to the distance between me and the heartless was becoming smaller and smaller. I quickly got up panting as my distance with the gate was closing. I came to rushed stop to try and push the gate open. When I started to try and quickly turn to close the gate, one of the heartless sped up and jumped at me, making me fall backwards onto the ground.

As the one heartless waited for the rest to keep up, I started crawl backwards. The group of heartless started to crowd around, slowly walking closer. I knew this was the end, it was over for me. The heartless made an an odd noise before they jumped at me. From fear quickly covered my eyes as I screamed..... I thought I heard something that sounded like a blade slicing the air.....I was too scared to tryband figure it out....but nothing happened it seemed. Was I still here or had I drifted into the darkness and now I'm just losing my mind? I opened my eyes to see a boy in front of me, with his back to me, holding a stange looking blade in his hand..at least that's what is seemed to be. I looked around to see that the heartless that were there had vanished. But the only thing I cared about at the moment was, who was this boy that saved me from those heartless.

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