Tortured matthew

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"Mature content"

Matts POV

Me and rylee were alone at our hotel because the boys went to go get Taco Bell, but I mean I have no problem with that so all we did was watch a movie.

MATT! I'm changing to pajamas can you please get out babe!

Umm, it think I'll just stay here and watch you ok!

Haha very funny Matt now get the hell out please!

Fine fine Ill get the movie ready!

I was looking through the movie channel when I realized I could see though the bathroom mirror where rylee was changing, as I looked closer I saw rylee In a pink lace bra and pink underwear, fuck she's hot, I couldn't stop staring my eyes were literally glued to her she's perfect! she was done getting dressed and I found a movie called the other women it's supposed to be funny! Rylee Came sitting down on my lap we turned the lights off and begin to watch the movie, about half way through she moved a little and rolled on my area she did it a few times then got comfy. Mmmm! I moaned

Sorry babe didn't mean to! she smirked

It's ok it's okk k!

Again we started watching the movie again about 20 min later she moved her hand really close to my area she waited a few seconds then put her hand on my dick and squeezes it, I jumped and wimperd! she was till focused on the movie, she then began rubbing me through my shorts I was moaning like crazy! then she quickly turned around and straddled me kissing me unearthly going down to my torso pulling my shirt off then kissed my hem of my shorts then took those off to all that was left was my boxers,she rubbed my area while kissing my lips she stopped kissing me and traced her fingers to my underwear, she took them off and kissed my area and blew hot air in it I moaned and she kept doing that!

Am I making you feel good baby? shall we I think I'll just no go any farther or should I matty poo?

Yess sss go gooo keepppp gooing pplease!

Aww baby you sound pleasured that's not right I have to punish you for being such a bad boy!


sorry honey just relax....ooh and let's play a game you can't touch me or feel your self in the Process ok babe here we go!

Damn rylee

Then she bobbed her head back and forth slowly and not all the way! I wasn't getting enough I took my hands on her head and pushed he in my area but she pulled out and said

Bad boy you. Shouldn't have done that..

After she said that she pulled my legs apart and grinders her hips on my area making me go crazy! after that she put my pants back on and left to go to the shower! she stood in front of me took off her shirt slowly pulled down her pants then undid her bra thee it across the room and pulled down her panties until she was naked and ran to the shower I yelled

Round 2 babe this time I'm in charge I yelled

NUh huh honey we ain't done yet hahah!

Gosh rylee I hate you

No you love me!

Ugh ry just let me In you already

Sorry matty poo that's not how I play

Fine just get in the shower!!

As I got in she said to me "this is my night to make you feel right you can have me all you want tomarrow do whatever you want when ever you want just let me be happy tonight ok babe"

Ok is all I could say!


Hahaha to be continued

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