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Jul 06, 2016
Name: Luna
Age: 21
Crush: Choji
Looks: green and red eyes, blue hair, thicker girl, medium size boobs and ass.
Personality: pretty, brave, outgoing and has the mouth of a sailor

"What the fuck?" i let out a shocked gasp as i opened the door only to be met with the sight of my boyfriend.

"Do you always have to use such crude words Luna?" Choji innocently tilted his head, hands clutching tightly at a tray filled to the brim with freshly baked cookies,"And to think I went out of my way to make you something for our anniversary, maybe i should just throw them away."

"Don't be hasty," the words push out as I maked my way towards him, red and green eyes sizing him up. He had stripped out of his daily attire in favor of a cotton tee and sweats."and I thought we weren't getting each other anything?"

I grabbed the tray and set it on the side table to our left, all the while Choji wrapped his arms around me.

"I know baby but I thought you deserved a treat today." I let a smirk cover my face as I turned in his hold. my arms having a mind of their own, curled around choji neck, leaning more into his embrace.

"I mean cookies are pretty fucking sweet and all but," I whisper, nuzzling into his neck and leaving soft kisses. I can feel his pulse racing against mine, the thought that he is just as excited as i am thrilling me to my core. "I was hoping my treat would be in the bedroom."

Letting out a small chuckle Choji pulled away from me only to grab my hand.

"I like that idea very much, shall we head to the bed room?"
I nod my head Choji's hand warm in mine.

As we near the bedroom I can't help but rush ahead a bit and enter before him, but before I can make it any further I can feel choji arms encase me again. this time i feel his fingers touch my bare skin and know he slipped them under my shirt. His hand dances slowly up my stomach, but he freezes and removes his hands. my frustration at the action is quickly over as choji slides my shirt off, my bra wasting no time in following. His hands resume their pier position this time moving up to squeeze my breast. i feel the hand on my boobs move a little, rubbing and pulling my nipples.

"Mmmm that feels good..." i murmur, all the while i slowly push my hips back up against his. He thrusts himself slightly up against me in return. He doesn't feel rock hard yet, but i can tell he is getting in the mood.

His hand switches to my other breast and he begins to nibble lightly on the back of my neck. His kisses send shivers down my back. gently i begin to gyrate my hips slowly up against him, and it isn't long before i feel his full erection up against me. Remembering the cookies choji baked for me i decide im going to give it to him in his favorite position as a thanks.

(changing the way I'm writing, first person go somewhere)

ever since you started dating, Choji has consistently asked for one particular position. The classical missionary, him on top, you on the bottom. You asked him once what he loved about that position so much, and he quickly responded, "I like to lead". full control, at his own pace, and orgasms when he is ready for it.

With his erection now full fledged, you decide it is time. Whispering , "As much as I like the grinding, I think it is time for you to put that penis of yours somewhere else..."

He pushes himself up on his arms and you roll onto your back. Your spread your legs open and let him lay down on top of you. His hardened erection is right at the entrance of your sweet slit, and you want nothing more than anything to grab his ass and pull him into you. You know, however, that he likes to be in control, and he would only take that as an opportunity to tease you, so you resist the urge and wait for him to make his move.

He looks you right in the eyes, then pushes his hard on inside you with one slow, smooth stroke. Your boyfriend takes it nice and slow, setting his rhythm for endurance, not speed. His teasing strokes leave you moaning. You try to wrap your legs around him to coax him to go faster, but he is too strong and easily resists your pulling. He pulls out and moves down slightly to suckle your breasts for a bit. The sensations is electric and you whimper in need. His hands and tongue feel like magic against your skin.

He moves back up into position above you. Reinsertion leaves your body shaking. You bite his ear lightly while his thrusts leave you gasping. The anticipation is almost too much to bear. You know he could make you orgasm at any time, but for now, he withholds it from you, drawing out your pleasure as long as he dares. He pushes himself up off you a little. You look him right in the eyes, and mouth the word, "Please"...

He gives in, setting a new, more urgent pace. He thrusts quickly. You push yourself against him, matching every thrust as best as you can. You close your eyes and lay your head back, your body wracked in pleasure with each thrust. you feel your body give in and spasms rack your body. You moan loudly and scratch choji's back, your nails digging into him slightly. With a groan, he spills his seed inside you.

The thrusting stops, replaced with ragged breathing. Your lover still inside you, you bask in the wonderful afterglow. He works so hard and you are so happy you're here to be his partner and to make stressful days into relaxing ones. He plants a few scratchy kisses on your neck, then pushes himself up off you. Throwing back. on his underwater and laying next to your exhausted body. "Happy anniversary Choji" the words leave your lips as you fade into sleep.

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