Chapter 10: Sick Bastard

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i'm so sorry this took so long. i couldn't update due to personal reasons but i promise to publish another edited update later (it's 1 am in my country rn)

I finally used it. The perfume, earrings and the makeup. I only used the lip tint and the face powder though. I really don't feel like myself anymore...what is this?

Today, I went to school early again and didn't bother going outside the campus since I might meet Hyunjin for a second time. I mean, I do want to see him but I want him to see what I did to myself in the classroom.

I don't know...for more impact I guess?

Since I also don't want other students to see me yet, I hid myself inside the restroom. I feel really pathetic right now. Where's the bitchy cold ass Jinwoo?

I only have to wait for 20 minutes before the first bell rings. I'm hiding inside a stall, sitting on a covered toilet to be precise. And sad thing is, I don't have a watch to track the time with.

Someone suddenly entered and the footsteps sound really heavy. The person seems to be gagging as well. And yup, she started throwing up. Why come to school early just to throw up? Doesn't she have a dorm or something?

The person flushed the toilet and I heard running water. She's probably washing her hands.

"Ya! Who are you!" Shit. My feet.

And I think I know who owns this voice.

I went out of the stall with unbelievable courage. I mean she could be drunk and could do something to me but okay.

There she is. Peach. She's staring at me with her awful bare face and she looks like she's about to cry. She looks really sick...

"Get out of here!" She screamed.

"You could have asked nicely," I mumbled and went out immediately since I don't want trouble.

While no one's around, I sprayed perfume on myself and started walking to the classroom. I passed by a clock and there's merely 5 minutes left before the first bell. I don't know where else to go. I can just cut off this act short.

I went inside the classroom to see Go Ara. Her face automatically formed a frown when she saw me. What? Did she recognize the lip tint?

I sat on my seat without her saying anything and thank the heavens 5 minutes passed without her saying anything at all. More students started entering the classroom, followed by our homeroom adviser.

Hyunjin and Peach haven't arrived yet...could they possibly be together?

"All right, before your first period, who else would like to return the reply slip?" Mr. Yang asked the class. "Come forward with the slip."

I turned the page of my school diary after bringing it out from the desk and took the slip I placed in between pages then I walked towards the front. "Thank you Ms. Jung, you look daring today!"

My face started to heat up. I only gave him a polite nod and went back to my seat, trying to avoid the stares of the people in class.

"Anybody else?" No one answered so he took his leave after a goodbye and our first subject teacher immediately came in. English. I suck at that.

Where the hell is Hyunjin?

* * *

1 hour has passed and he still hasn't come to class yet. I can't stay still. Should I check on him?

Even if I shouldn't, I can't stay still.

So I left the classroom with all my things without saying a word and ran to the boys' dormitory. Why do I do such things now? The drastic change that happened to me since Hwang Hyunjin appeared is unbelievable.

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