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Max's pov
'I hate you' I snarled and went to find Frankie.

Harvey's pov
I chased after Frankie and found her walking down the street which takes you the long way home. 'Frankie!' I yelled running to her. 'oh..hey Harv' she said fake laughing.
I hate seeing her like this. 'Hey how about we go back to mine get ice cream and watch Netflix' I smiled putting my arm round her for a side hug.
'sure' she said snuggling closer. God I love her. 'it's cold' she whispered.
'oh do you want my hoodie' I said giving it to her.
'thanks' she said putting it on. About 5 minutes, we were home with the ice cream which was on the table.
'Harvey where are your blankets!' I heard her yell.
'Oh I'll get them' I chuckled running to the best blankets in the house. I opened up the draw in Tilly's room which had the comfiest blankets in because she stole the good ones.
'What do you think your doing' Tilly asked.
'Grabbing some blankets' I replied confused.
'why' she asked.
'because Frankie is over and we are cold' I questioned grabbing the big red fluffy one which used to be mine.
'WAIT IS FRANKIE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!' She shouted loud enough that I'm sure China would hear.
'ANOTHER GIRL! IM GOING TO PLAY DOLLS WITH HER' she giggled running off to mine and Max's room.
Frankie's pov
'Wait is Frankie your girlfriend!' A little girl yelled.
'Another girl I'm going to play dolls with her' I heard her say while little footsteps were running towards Harvey's room. Soon enough the door burst open showing a little girl who looked about seven. 'Want to play dolls!' She giggled.
'umm sure?' I said while she handed me the doll she calls Alexis.
We played with them for about 5 more minutes until I heard Harvey come through the door.
'Bye tilly' he said rolling his eyes.
'Nooo we are playing!' She whined. 'You can play with me later' Harvey said.
'Fine!' She said skipping out.
'Sorry about her' he said laying down on his bed.
'Don't be' I said sitting at the end 'I like her she's cute' I giggled.
Max's pov
I ran as fast as I could out of there to find Frankie and Harvey. As I was sprinting down the street I saw Oliver . If you didn't know Oliver is Luna's ex but Luna has moved school because she well it's a long story but let's just say she won't be coming back again. 'yooo why you in a hurry' He said
'I'll call you' I said running off leaving him dumbfounded.
As I finally got home about 5minutes later I sprinted upstairs to Harvey. 'Harv- woah woah woah what's going on here!' I said. 'Netflix bingeing' Harvey laughed.
'frankie can I talk to you' I asked while Harvey gave her a little nod.
'eh sure?' She said getting up.
'I'm so sorry that this happened' I said.
'What your sorry that you left me waiting for over an hour just so you can suck a bitches face off?'she said pinching her nose.
'NO SHE THREW HERSELF ONTO ME!' I shouted making her flinch. 'Sorry'
'it's ok I guess but can I ask for a favour?' She asked. 'Umm sure?'I replied
'Can you see if Harvey you know...' she said trying to get the words out while I nodded. 'If you love her let her go' was all that was going through my head. I know she'd never like me back so I'll have to deal with it.
'Thanks your the best!' She smiled running back into Harvey's arms on the bed. I sighed and went to go talk to Tilly, which ended up in plying with dolls. Until I fell asleep downstairs on the sofa.
I redid this chapter bc I didn't like it whoops.

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