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Notes After First Edit
June 2019

I'm so grateful you read through my poetry collection, My Love, I Like Making You Smile.

In the future, I plan to add art to this collection. I doodle; this collection could use some of my ink work.

If you haven't yet, please consider reading A Shapeshifter, Cyborg, & Wisp, my sci-fantasy novel; it's my favorite project here on Wattpad.

Notes After First Draft
October 2018

I wrote this collection while suffering from acute anxiety and long-term depression. Underwater, I can hear my heartbeat working overtime; the echo of my jaw grinding.

I'm also on the spectrum, but I don't consider my autism a negative force in my life—an illness—like my anxiety and depression. Rather, autism is the well-intentioned genetic developmental irregularity that gifted me intelligence. It's not the spectrum that makes life stressful for autistic people, but society's flaws.

Writing is my main therapy for the darkness I carry in my belly, the lonely downward spiral; in the case of this collection, I wanted to capture equal parts sadness, happiness, frustration and hope, darkness and light, while returning to smiles as my anchor.

I like when people smile and laugh. I suppose I wish I could smile and laugh more.

Thank you for reading my poetry collection.

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