The Witches Fortune (Episode 5)

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The White Room

An ice cold wind flies around as Cat lies motionless on the ground in the middle of a white oblivion. About ten meters away from Cat's silent breathing swings a relaxed Angel of Death, the Angel swings back and forth while on a black chained swing. Every creak of the chain moving makes Cat's eyes move a centimeter closer to springing awake. Kyphi moves a closer towards Cat and the creak makes a deafening noise to force her eyes to reveal the white oblivion. Her upper body moves forward and a beaming headache can be felt across not only her forehead but the whole head, the white room makes her eyes super sensitive until the outline of Kyphi Krakze is seen, but this time the swing and chains are no longer there and her creepy red and white eyes stare back at her. Cat lets out a small scream and attempts to move back but Kyphi moves with Cat. Two large wings escape from her back and flap around causing a warm feeling against her, the voice that Cat speaks with is a silent whisper but it is loud enough to echo around the white room. 

Cat Montreddins: Where am I? Am I dead?

Kyphi doesn't speak for a second until her floating body reaches the "ground" of the room and a sudden table and comfy chairs appear out of nowhere. The whole chair is decorated with a deep black furr and a stuffed fox on the back of the chair growls in pain, on the floor rests also a stuffed bear that is getting a massage from the table legs. As Cat sits on the chair, it welcomes her with the comforts of the furr. It felt like a chair you could never leave from, meanwhile on the table a few parts from the oblivion fly onto it, two burning lit candles, Turkish delight rests on a silver tray while snow of powdered sugar flies onto it, a distant bird chirps and lands on a big 1700's chandelier hanging above the table, everything remains in place and is calm. Cat sighs before Kyphi starts to speak.

Kyphi Krakze: My name is Kyphi Krakze, also known as the Angel of Death. You have been specifically summoned here as a warning sent by your ancestors.

A big white leaflet now floats out from the white oblivion and lands itself perfectly infront of Cat, on top marks the Montreddins Family Line and a white feather. Her shaky hand attempts to open the book but before she can reach the soft front and ink that has sunk into the book for generations, it flies open and many pages swim by as if it was like nothing and the ancestry didn't matter. She notices the years at the top of the pages, it is halfway through the book and the dates have dated back to 1854 but it still carries on to 1924, 1965, 1998 and finally to the recent January 7th 2001 of her birth date. Resting above of her name is a moving portrait of herself on her sixteenth birthday party and even further are the names of "Hunter & Angelina Montreddins", but of course Angelina's portrait is crossed with red ink and she is missing from her portrait. On the opposite side sits Hunter slouching on a couch sleeping like a baby awaiting its mother. 

Kyphi Krakze: Now the warning consists of an agreement leaflet written and signed in 1855. Every other magical family that was involved has dropped out from the agreement apart from the Montreddins. Now you can either consider the agreement or-

A man seen previously in the book approaches from the white oblivion this time and immediately Cat's response is to hug the person. However, as soon as she reaches the manly figure to embrace the warm feeling of a "hug" she is within his body and it is noted that this is not reality.

Cat Montreddins: Daddy, what are you doing here?

The man looks down upon Cat and reacts with pushing her off his transparent arms but as soon as this action is completed, he kneels down to Cat who now appears six years old and as innocent as ever before.

Hunter Montreddins: Young Cat...

He rubs her cheeks in affection, the voice he speaks is with a calm ASMR style which sets Cat's eyes switching from open to closed. At the same time, Kyphi grows teary watching the memorable scene.

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