Chapter 3

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Skyler Drew's POV

Ugh shit this fvcking hangover.

I get up from bed, still holding my head, trying to lessen the pain by massaging it a liltle.

fvck this, i swear i won't be drinking anymore, but who are he fooling?
of course,
no one will believe him.

That Fvcker friends of him drag him into his friend's Bar,
just to celebrate for winning some women's hearts.
it was not some women only,
it was Catherine-- fvcking Alastair Saavedra fiancee. that bastard drag me to his Club just to celebrate. of course,
with their bastards friends. Zake, Mattheus, Blake and his cousin Vincent.

I took a cold shower for almost 30 minutes to ease my headache.

fvck this is heaven!

ang sarap sa pakiramdan, medyo nabawasaan na din ang sakit ng ulo niya bg dahil sa malamig na tubig ng shower.
after i get dressed dumiritso na ko sa sasakyan ko.

i droved all the way my car to SDM Inc.
a family company owned by my Great Grandfather, Sergio Delleva Montero. who pass his company to my father,
and now that my father is retiring,
im the one who will manage the entire corporation since Andrianne is not interested in managing a business,

mas gusto pa nun ang magpinta at maglakwatsa sa kung saan-saan,
katwiran nito ay naghahanap daw ito ng inspirasyon
sa pagpipinta niya.

Nang makarating na ako sa SDM building ay diridiritso na kong pumasok at hindi na pinansin ang pagbati na gwardya sakin,

Im not in a mood!

I received a text from Mattheus.

Fvcker, where are you? I'll come to your place, lets go have some fun. lets bang some hottie on Alastair's Bar.
i put my cellphone on my pocket.
wtf! this fvcker is really an
assh*le. this early, seriously?

then i felt it vibrated,

~Matt'sh*le Calling~

"what the fvcking do you want fvcker? leave me alone, call that fvcking De Guzman and you two go to hell!"

im on my way to our private elevator just to see a girl standing beside me with her basket that has a foods cover in a clear plastic.
waiting for the elevator to open.

i saw her startled by my voice.

"Hoy Mist-----"
Lumingon siya sa akin,

she then stop her sentence midway and look at me with her big round eyes and with her parted lips.

She gigled that cause me to raise my brows at her.

"Miss, are you okay? you look like a fvcking lunatic"

I didnt wait for her reply to finish, pumasok na ko agad sa elevator.

i saw her reflection,

she kept looking at me. with admiration on her eyes, she kept on giggling.

what the hell is wrong with this woman?

"what floor are you?" ill asking her, since she's busy loooking at my face.

"eeh sher 20th floor po. hihi" she said.

"what? are you an allien? i cant understand, nevermind, press the 20"i said.
lumapit siya sa akin and then she  pressed the 20th button.

"what the hell are you doing? stop sniffing me you crazy woman"

this is crazy, that woman is crazy!

as soon as the elevator open i almost ran out.
Dumiritso na ko sa CEO office i need to work,
this is already my company anyway.
after some works,
lumabas nako para maFamiliarize ko ang mga tauhan sa company,
along my way to the employees cubicles,
may napansin akong meron silang pinagkakaguluhan. that crazy woman!.

"what the hell is happening here? and what the fvck are you doing here, woman?"

lumingon siya sa akin at ngumiti.

"its you my bebelabs, i delivered food to
everybody" nakangiti niyang sabi sakin.

what? delivery? foods? but we a company canteen?
an employee is saying something to me but i was disturbed by a phone call.
fvcktard Matt'sh*le!


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