Bonus Chapter (1): A year.

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Bonus Chapter (1): A year.


LYDIA laughed as George held their apartment door open for her. A grin on his lips as he looked at his girlfriend of a year.

Exactly a year.

Though in the past year things have changed. They began college, made new friends and their relationship has grown.

"Lydia, it wasn't that funny," George said, shaking his head at the love of his life. Who was still laughing at the scene in the elevator.

Lydia turned to face him,"George, an old lady hit you with her purse and you fell to the floor groaning."

Pouting, George wrapped his arms around her waist,"she had a jar of coins in her purse."

"Ouch," Lydia chuckled wrapping her arms around his neck. "Happy Anniversary George," she said, pulling him closer.

"Happy anniversary Lydia," he said leaning forward so their forehead touched.


I love these characters so much!

Anyway, bonus chapters are not in order on the time line :) Thank you all so much for the love and support!!


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