Margaret's POV

"Mom! Dad! Patrick if your home which I doubt! Alex!" I screamed once I walked through the threshold of the door. "Yes, darling?" my father asked in his faint Austrian accent. He must have been recently talking German, because normally his accent is normal American. "Yeah" Alex said out of breath from running down lots of stairs. "Honey, I'm in the kitchen!" my mom yelled, well, from the kitchen. "So Patty is not here I seen..." I said faking a supisous tone. "Yes, now what is it that you would like to inform us on. " my dad replyed in his normal sophisticated manner. "Well, you know the national camp I went to? The one for the Olympics?" "Yeah, yeah. We know. " Alex said. "Well, Alex if I were you I won't want to disrespect THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE 2012 USA OLYMPIC TEAM." I shouted the last part. I then heard a crash, as if a glass shattered. And then my mother came out. "You mean your going to the London Olympics?!" my mother said with a mixture of pride and excitement. "Yeah, mom, I am" I said, pride swelling in my heart.

After that my mother gave me a big hug as did my youngest brother and dad. "I'm gonna go run upstairs to call Patrick!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs. I finally reached my room and grabbed my iPhone from out of my backpack. I dialed Patricks number and looked out the window. I loved living on the Ortega river. It's was just beautiful, almost always. Except hurricanes. Not so pretty in the hurricanes.

"Hello?" Patrick answered. "Hey Patty! It's me, Margs!" "Hey! What's up?" "Well, you know the nation camp I went to for my rowing? Well, I won the main race and well, Pat, I'm going to the Olympics. " I stated. I heard the phone drop and there was a short silence. "Pat? Patrick? Patty-cake?" "Yeah, sorry. So your on the Olympic team? What type of rowing?" "Single sculls. " (A/N. sculls are rowing boats that uses two oars instead of one. Using one oar is called sweep rowing)

"Margs! Dinner!" I heard Mrs. Brawn call. She's the housekeeper. " Pat, I gotta go! Talk to ya later! Love ya!" I quickly said. I hung up and scurried down the huge marble stairs.

Louis POV

"You don't know-oh-oh! You don't know your beautiful, oh oh! That's what makes you beautiful!" we ended. Gosh, we are only sing the chorus and the 'na nas' but I'm so nervous I will mess up. The games start in 3 days and we have 3 weeks till the closing ceremony. We have time.

"Hey Lou, you wanna see the womans beach volleyball with me" Harry winked. That cheeky boy. "Sure. " I answered with a shrug. I'm letting Lottie and her best friend, Vianka come with us, so I'm there supervisors. Plus, two teenage girls plus Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Tom Daley, this wouldn't go well.

"It's gotta be FOOD!!! Only foooooood. Yeah it's gotta be foooood. " Niall belted out randomly. "WE WILL GET YOU FOOD MY LITTLE AMAZAYN PERSON. " I shouted to Nialler. "ok." he said back with a simple shrug.


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