When in Spain

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They went around places that Aryan wanted to see and did not tire him out much on the first two days in Granada. The Moorish sights were something both enjoyed.  They then went to the old house Salvatore's parents had and it had a beautiful patio Aryan fell in love with.

"We are adding that to our home," said Aryan.

Salvatore nodded seeing Aryan's enthusiasm. Aryan was gripping Salvatore's arm which would have sent him into fits of rage months back before he even met Aryan. he doesn't like touching, But Aryan, Aryan is different. Aryan is the only person in this universe who can touch him as he pleases and still lives. It always felt safe when Aryan touched him.

"We can have a day out with our kids in the patio and when they play in the yard we can sit here and watch out for them and nights would be beautiful too, they would be extra beautiful," smiled Aryan as he sat down on a sofa in the patio.

He looked at Salvatore who sat down next to him.

"You really should lay down. We have been travelling for the past four hours," said Salvatore.

"Don't be a worry wart, I am good. We are enjoying the air here," said Aryan and slowly positioned himself in the side and Salvatore let him get the cushions from the other sofas also. He then let Aryan arrange them on his lap for height and on the sides for comfort before he laid down and looked up at Salvatore who did not look away.

"Salvatore, Can I ask you something?" asked Aryan.

Salvatore was shocked.

"You are asking me permission?"   asked Salvatore who was truly taken aback.

Aryan scoffed and Salvatore snorted.

"What was your first impression of me?" asked Aryan.

"Brat," said Salvatore.

"Stop with the names and tell me," said Aryan.

"I just told you. I thought you were a brat. The exact line would be 'Such a Brat," said Salvatore.

Aryan scowled.

"You remember it too well for the first meeting with such a brat," said Aryan snidely.

Salvatore snorted.

"You are family," said Salvatore 

"And that is not the first time I saw you," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him.

"I was a boy when you were born and your dads thought it was adorable that you found me soothing enough to make you smile," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him and blushed.

"Do you have old pics? " asked Aryan.

Salvatore was silent.

"You big softie you, you kept my pictures huh," said Aryan.

Salvatore just scoffed.

"I also have pictures of you when you showed up in my hit list consecutively for four times which again is a record because once a person shows up in my list either they sort themselves out or they end up dead," said Salvatore.

"Wow, will surprises never cease. Mr El Manzoni is even cracking jokes today. Even your son is enjoying the joke," said Aryan.

"How do you know its a boy," asked Salvatore.

"Well, who is carrying?" asked Aryan with an answer demanding look on his face.

"You are," said Salvatore.

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