My NASCAR Country Boy

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Christine's POV

Kevin left after a bit and once again Tony and I were alone. But he was starting to drift off on me since he was getting very tired. I let him fall asleep. Eventually I decided to go out and get something to eat. I drove around town for a bit, thinking about what to eat. I ended up eating McDonald's because I just wanted something quick.

Back at the hospital, Tony was still sleeping. I stayed in his room until I got tired myself. He was still in a deep sleep when I left for the hotel. There Kevin and DeLana were watching TV and eating popcorn together on the couch. I would have watched the show with them too but I was just too sleepy to even think about it.

I showered and threw on some shorts and Tony's black Bass Pro hoodie which was so soft. I lied in the comfy bed and thought about him for a bit when my phone buzzed.

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