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I stared out of the window in the living room while sipping my morning coffee.

A sigh came from me as I worried about what I was going to do.

I wanted to find her, I really did but it was stressing me out.

It had been two whole weeks since I had seen her the last time. I hadn't even had the time to read her diary because I have been too busy working on other stuff.

Like searching for evidence.

But I came up with none.

I was waiting for the DNA results of the blood that had been found at the crime scene. The answers hadn't come out yet.

"It's stressing you out, isn't it?"

I jumped at the voice, nearly spilling coffee on my freshly washed shirt. I found Angela sitting on the kitchen counter, grinning.

"Did you miss me?"

I breathed out, relieved that I was finally seeing her again. "No, I'm just surprised-I mean yes... no. I don't know. It's not that I didn't miss you, I just wondered where you had gone. Where were you?"

"It's fine. You can admit that you missed me," she said with an encouraging smile. "But I was at places. I thought that you didn't need me."

I gave her a pointed look while leaning against the counter that was behind me. "You know that I need you. You are the only one who keeps me together these days. You are a really good help."

"That's not it, but I'll let you off the hook." Then she added, "Nathan, the case is stressing you out."

I shrugged. "It's not. I don't get stressed out so easily."

"Which cup is that? How many cups of coffee have you had to drink today? This morning?"

"It's only my fourth cup, but I'm fine," I protested.

Angela sighed. "You haven't been sleeping."

"What are you... my therapist? I have been sleeping." I laughed.

Yeah, like two hours every night.

"No, you've been sleeping for two hours every night." When she saw my shocked expression, she grinned. "You are forgetting that I'm just your subconscious."

I hated what that did to me.

My heart clenched at her words.

I nodded. "Right. You are just that. You're not real."

"This is what I warned you about. It's not healthy what's happening here. You are already getting too... involved."

"You're saying that I should stop?" I questioned with a blank look.

"Maybe. I mean if it gets too much. I don't want you to get hurt when you don't find me."

"I will. I'll find you."

Angela took a deep breath. "I love how confident you are. You always try to see things on the bright side and it truly is amazing, but maybe it's not the right thing for you."

I ignored her and turned around to make another cup of coffee because my one was already empty.

But as I turned around, I jumped as I found Angela sitting on the counter right in front of me. My sharp intake of breath was what made her tilt her head. "Can you move? I want to make coffee."

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