Shot 4

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Ap brings two pens and notebooks for both swaragini and ram asked some questions they both within 15 minutes wrote it while writing swara was writing with a small smile while ragini's face was becoming pale...

After 15 minutes both gave the notebooks while ragini shot a glare at swara who ignored it for a time being.

Ram and dp read all the answers and soon they were glaring at ragini with anger.

Ram:you were lying are not shekhar's daughter how dare you lie to me and my family.

Dp:we never thought you will do this ragini

Ap: what happened ji?

Dp gave her the notebooks and said her too read...ap read that and palmed her mouth...she passed the notebook to sujata who has the same expression.

Ap: you dare you cheat us.

Ragini: (fake cries) uncle aunty please trust me..please I am not lying. (looked at swara) She is a fraud..

Ram: stop lying now..the truth is infront of us...get out from our house..

Sanskar: dad wait..dont throw her police..

Ragini:sanskar! What are you saying.

They didn't noticed when ragini took the knife from the side table and held it near sujata..all of them screamed as they her pressing the knife.

Ragini: dont know i can do anything for you..I love you sanskar...I did so much...I even made laksh against you but you what you did..

Sanskar stood there rooted hearing her. He looked at laksh who was now glaring at ragini.

Ragini:(laughing) dont look at him like snacthed his love and i decided to snatch your's.

Sanskar: what are you saying?

Ragini: dear soon to be hubby..dont you know laksh loves swara.

Swara tighted her grip on sanskar listening this while everyone else were shocked. Sanskar being shocked looked at swara who cling to him more and spoke in a whisper tone

Swara:(scared) H-He is bad..he wants me (sobs)

Sanskar's eyes become red while swara was clinging more and more to him. It was like today she will enter in him only...she wanted to hide herself from laksh and all the cruel world.

ram: Ragini leave sujata ...dont do anything to her

Ragini: hahah..Ask sanskar to marry me..then only i will leave your wife.

Ram looked at swara and sanskar while Swara was looking at ragini.

Swara: ragini leave aunty...sanskar will marry you

Sanskar: what are you saying swara? I am not going to marry her.

Ragini:you dont have any other choice. (to laksh) Laksh take swara with you.

Swara: No i will not go with him

Laksh started walking towards her while swara hid behind sanskar

Sanskar: lucky what are you doing...I never thought you will back stab me

Ragini: sanskar dont waste time..give swara to him or else(pressed the knife more making them scream)

Sujata: Sanskar dont worry I am okay...dont give swara to him beta..

Ragini: (to sujata) shut up..(to laksh) what are you waiting for..sanskar get aside or else i will kill your mother.

Sanskar looked at his mother whose neck had started bleeding slightly... He then thought something and walked on a side. Swara was shocked as he did this she looked at him with hope while he avoided eye contact.

She came in senses as she felt laksh holding her hand.

Swara:(struggling) leave me..sanskar...sanskar stop him..please..i dont want to go with him.

Laksh: (angrily dragging her) Shut up swara...last time you got saved by that suicide drama but this time i will be carefull. You cannot run from stop struggling

Swara: is better to die...(looked at sanskar) sanskar me..please sanskar

Sanskar clenched his fists tightly as he felt totally helpless. Soon he saw laksh had exited the room. Ragini was smirking looking at their going figures...taking it as a good chance sanskar came forward and freed sujata from her hold.

Sanskar: You okay mom

Sujata: yes..i am okay beta...

Sanskar turned towards ragini wih red bloodshot eyes...he slapped her tightly making her fell on the floor.

Ragini: Haha...what is the use of all this now...I did what i wanted to..

Ap: don't you have any shame...shekar and sharmista did so much for you

Ragini: shut up they never did anything for was just to make the society beleive how good they are...all was fake...they just cared for swara...thats why they kept her in the same city and sent me to hostel.

Dp: dont forget ragini swara was living in a orphanage but got a hostel to were given all the facilities.

Ragini: so...that doesnt prove that they loved me..they always differentiated between me and her.

Sanskar: cut the crap ragini...just tell me where laksh has took swara..

Ragini: why are you asking me find yourself...

Sanskar: ragini dont test my patience just tell me where is swara and laksh or else today nobody will be able to save you from me..

Ragini turned her face while sanskar glared at her. He called the police and asked them to arrest ragini and ran towards the parking area.

Starting the car he said to himself

Sanskar: dont worry swara i am coming.

He called someone and spoke

Sanskar:listen arun..i am sending you a number please trace its location fast

Without listening to its reply he cut the call...

Sanskar: mandir...laksh must have taken swara to mandir...i should check there.

Saying this he started his car towards the mandir.

After 5minutes he got arun's message with the address and luckily he was right.

He fasten his speed to reach mandir fast but was horrified when he saw a truck coming from the opposite side with full speed.

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