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Walking down the street with many people trying to get a picture of you, answers, and reactions are really hard.

I'm Selena Marie Gomez. An artist, actress, dancer, influencer, etc.

Yes, you already know me but I'm just trying to act like a normal person. Isn't that what they do?

Being famous is really hard. Although the love from your fans are really wonderful and overwhelming ( LOVE YOU GUYS), the hate from other people suck.

Of course, in this business you will never going to escape haters. You just can't control everyone to like you.

Although it hurts, it's alright. I'm doing what I love and I'm doing it for my fans.

They mean the world to me. Haters just suck butt.

Some people think my life is great. Some people actually came up to me and say they want to be like me and want my life. *laughing*

But I don't. Being famous isn't really what you think until you actually
become one.

First of all, the works and projects that makes you want to die. A bunch of interviews and waisted time where I could've been eating tacos or pickles. Second of all, you have to keep your reputation great.

This is really hard for me, keeping my reputation good. There's like a bunch of Paps everyday when I go out. Taking pictures of me, asking questions about my private life.

I like keeping my private life, private. And being a celebrity, you can't have that.

There's going to be interviews about love life's and shits.

And you already know that my love life's sucks butt.

Many people judge my life and of course me. Mainly because of my ex but some is just they don't like me.

People say I was just with him for fame but they're wrong.

All they know is we used to be in a very toxic relationship. But they don't know what actually happened.

I didn't even think that my relationship with him is toxic. It's because that's how blind I am by love.

Although I keep getting hurt, I'm still here ready to take him with all my heart.

Because I love him

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