Adrian's POV


The next morning I had a slight hangover. I smelled like sweat and booze so I went to shower. I finished showering and got dressed in yoga pants and a 2xl tee shirt that I usually wear to sleep. I walk to the kitchen and see Alexa eating some scrambled eggs with flour tortillas. "hey lex" she groaned and said "I have a freaking headache so not so loud plus it doesn't help i have super hearing.

I just snickered at her and served myself some food. After eating Alexa said she needed to go to the pack house for a "special" meeting. I tagged along cuz her pack knew I knew about them plus my dad is half werewolf, my grandma is human while my grandpa is a werewolf. I just recently found out cuz my dad said he had a feeling I would find my mate soon or something like that.

I decided to wear some high waisted jeans and a cute blouse and some black toms. I put my hair in a high ponytail. I grabbed my galaxy s4 and got in Alexa's car which was a ford fiesta. She came and was wearing some tight booty shorts a crop top that said 'kiss me' and black slip on vans. Her hair was wavy and she wore some mascara and lipstick.

We drove and arrive at the pack house and let me tell you it looked like a small hotel butyl it was still big. Once we arrived I saw some cute guys outside and I saw Alexa have a look of hurt and anger and I saw her compose her self when the guy saw her. I'm guessing he was her mate. He was up on some blond bimbo. Alexa swayed her hips a bit and lust flushed into the guys eyes and I saw a small smirk on her face and wink at them. I waved hi and they whistle at me causing me to blush and I rushed to Alexa's side.

We walk inside and i see the old luna and alpha. "hey Jenna" i rush to her and hugged her so tight. i have known her since Alexa told me about the werewolf race. "hey Adrian , how you doing sweetie" "good" "hey jen" Alexa hugs her too. "hey sweetie and alpha wants to see you" "Ok and take care of my girl ok" "Ok sweetie"


Alexa POV

I walk up to the alpha office and knock "come in" he say and I walk in. "Alpha" i say and sit down. "don't call me that in private, your one of my best and top warriors and been best friends since forever but only if we have a pack meeting" "Ok kaden, so what did you need to talk about". He sigh and said "I found my mate" I squeaked and hugged him and said congrats.

"thanks but the thing is that she is human but has a slightly different smell like us" i was shocked that our future luna is human. "oh well who is she " i asked and he smiled " Adrian you human friend" i was mouth open shocked. I didn't know what to do, my best friend is my future luna and I'm the future female beta that if my stupid mate accepts me.

I hugged him again and said, we'll get your girl she's downstairs with your mom plus she know about us werewolf since she caught me shifting one time" he let go and ran downstairs making me laugh and I speed walked downstairs.


Adrian's POV

I was sipping pink lemonade with Jenna when suddenly I'm lifted into someone's shoulder and is running stairs and stop in front of a room. I'm suddenly pushed against the door and he puts his face in the crook of my neck and says mine! mate. I suddenly get a swift of his scent and I knew that smell...kaden. "kaden" i breath out. He sniffed my neck and i smile. "kaden I love this position but please let go" he growled and said "your mine and I'm not letting go" and crashes his lips to mine.

The kiss became steamy i pulled away and tried to normal out my breathing. i smiled and rested my forehead against his own. "since yesterday i knew you were mine but Alexa ripped you out of my hands before i could to anything" i smiled and giggle and pecked his lips again. I grabbed his hands and pulled him downstairs. I saw his mom and Alexa giggling all quietly.

"Well look at the alpha couple! " Alexa says and i look at him shocked, "your the alpha"! I sort of shouted at him. Everyone laughed and i was blushing and he hugged me and kissed my neck."yep i am and that makes you alpha female" i was shocked, I'm supposed to rule a pack but im not even a wolf. i gave him a fake smile but Alexa knew it was fake and i think he did too. After spending some time at his house it was time for us to go.

He walked us out and i stayed by the door with him and Alexa went to start the car. i turned around and hugged him "I'll see you soon ok and i want you to come to my graduation" he smiled and nodded "i was going to go see Alexa but don't worry I'll go see you too" i smiled and pecked his lips. "good night" "good night baby" i giggled quietly but im sure he heard and went to the car and waved goodbye.

We got home and immediately Alexa said "i know you gave him a fake smile when he said you would be alpha female" i sighed and said "what if they don't want me as their luna , plus I'm not a wolf" she rolled her eyes at me and said "don't worry they will love you plus there is a reason you are his mate after all. It is not common for wolf's to be mated with humans , so maybe the moon goddess did it for a reason." i groaned "maybe your right, I'm tired I'll see you tomorrow, night" "night" i walked to my room and changed into my pj's and instantly fell asleep





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