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Written on: April 17, 2019
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Everything was so fast that Celestine finds herself just standing in the altar, facing the crowd like a statue. She didn't even have time to react when people starts congratulating and cheering for them.

"Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress! Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress!"

'I'm married...' Celestine mumbled to herself as she absentmindedly stared at the crowd. She snapped out of her trance when she felt something warm engulfing her uninjured hand. It was Kyrios. When she felt the cloth wrapped on Kyrios' hand, Celestine tried to withdraw hers, afraid that he might be in pain because of it. But Kyrios' grip tightened and he did not let go.

While still holding Celestine's hand, he dragged her towards the aisle and into an open four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage. The newly wedded couple walked gracefully as they smiled in front of the flashing cameras. They both stopped in front of the waiting carriage and Kyrios helped Celestine as they boarded it.

The coachman cracked his whip and the carriage lurched forward. The crowd lining at the side of the road waved their flags and cheered as the lavish carriage passed them by. Kyrios and Celestine waved their hand whilst smiling genuinely towards them.

The world knew how well-loved and respected the royal family [Lionheart Imperial Clan] is because of what they have all done for the country. Since the founding of New Lionheart, it is one of the many countries in the world who has the lowest number of beggars and crime rate. The monarch values education so much, thus, the tuition fee from kindergarten to senior high school is free in every public schools while those who are studying in private schools has fifty percent discount.

Scholarships are given as well to college students who will pass the special academic examination created by the emperor himself. In order to maintain their scholarship, they must have no grades below eighty five (85) in every subjects they will take.

New Lionheart ranks third in Health Impacts, fifteenth in Air Quality, tenth in Water Resources and Sanitation, third in Agriculture, and ninth in Climate and Energy. In other words, New Lionheart is one of the most beautiful and the cleanest country in the world. It's all thanks to the monarch's and the government's effort, as well as the citizen's cooperation.

Back to the present

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Back to the present. After a few minutes of travelling, Kyrios and Celestine arrived at their destination- Lionheart Palace. It took them exactly half an hour before arriving in the palace since they have to take the longer route for the citizens.

Dozens of soldiers were patrolling and guarding the entire place and servants were already waiting outside to welcome the newly wedded couple. The servants bowed their heads to signify their respect to the emperor and his newly crowned empress.

Clarence approached the pair and tilted his head before opening his mouth to speak. "Congratulations, Your Majesties. May you both live a thousand years." He paused and handed Kyrios a black folder with gold writings on it. "The Council are already waiting at the Hall of Justice, Your Majesty."

Kyrios nodded and dragged Celestine towards the direction of the Hall of Justice. Dozens of servants were following behind them diligently. Every person they passed by would shamelessly look at them in admiration but the servants immediately bow their heads in fear when they feel Kyrios' domineering aura.

Traditionally, when the emperor is married and an empress is crowned, the council will gather to congratulate the royal pair and each must present a gift. After this, they will pronounce simultaneously a benediction for the emperor and empress.

When Kyrios and Celestine arrived in front of the Hall of Justice, the two royal guards opened the door and announced their arrival.

Together, the pair walked towards the lion throne whilst the entire council, including Celestine's father and older brother, stood up and bowed their heads.

"Congratulations, Your Majesties! May you both live a thousand years." The council said in unison.

New Lionheart Council also known as New Lionheart Parliament is made up of three elements: Monarch, House of Lords, and House of Commons. Just like the British Parliament, it has four main duties:

• It passes laws.
• It authorizes taxes and government budgets.
• It scrutinizes and investigates government administration.
• It debates current issues.

Despite the similarities with the throne room back in Lionheart Empire, Celestine can't help herself but still admire the beautiful place before her. The throne room is called "Hall of Justice", where Kyrios makes his executive and judicial decisions together with Celestine and the parliament. The seats inside the Hall of Justice were arranged in rows in a horseshoe, or 'U' shape manner. At the center is the elevated throne for the emperor and empress.

The lion throne were made of gold and were carved with ancient writings. Precious stones such as jasper, ruby, topaz, beryl, chrysolite, and emerald adorned it as well. Six golden lions were put up on its side, three in the left side and another three in the right side. Its eyes were made of rubies. The four walls were richly adorned with the past emperors' portraits and thick tapestries. Gifts of different sizes and colors were arranged at the side as well.

When Kyrios and Celestine finally sat down at the lion throne, the council opened their mouth and simultaneously speak. "The Lord bless you, and keep you. The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace. He will pour His Spirit upon your offspring, and His blessing on your descendants. Amen."

The council bowed their heads once again. "Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress!"

 "Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress!"

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