The knight looses his sword

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Trigger warning for abuse
Lucas Pov
I haven't seen Zayden for days. I felt like my soul was closing in on it self hoping he'd walk in late for art class. I prayed he would come and pick on me in the library at lunch, but he never came.

I wanted to cry, I felt so needy for this boy I felt drawn to him and desperate for him. Where was he?

After the fourth day I spotted Moose walking to hall ways careless talking on the phone as he walked into the bathroom and I followed him. "Yeah ok, I'll tell him you know he won't listen though-...speak of the devil" Moose spotted me in the mirror. "Hello Little Mouse how are you, your boyfriends on the line..."
I reached for his phone and he handed it to me.

Zayden's Pov
"Hey Lucas Onward I'm sorry I've been missing I've just been puking and sick and I don't want you to catch it." I waited for him to speak but all I heard was a closing door and Moose sigh. "He just nodded I think he's worried" "shit I've gotta get to school man" I said my throat horse and dry. "I know but just deal with your old man first ok?" I nodded though he couldn't hear me and hung up.

My dad found out, he found the pictures. The text. Everything. My dad found out I was gay and now there was  hell.

"Dad stop it don't touch it" I yelled my voice starting to turn to sandpaper. "No son of mine is gay. No boy of mine take dick up his ass." He yelled throwing the phone at me. "If that boy ever looks at you again-"

"Dad if you say what you need to me but leave him OUT OF IT." I shout in anger "oh you'll get what's yours faggot. Get in your room now come out when you're dead or done with this shit."

I sighed feeling defeated, my father was true to his word and locked me in my room. I couldn't stand not texting him but I was so scared of him finding out and getting to Lucas I didn't want to do that to him. "I'm sorry Onward your knight couldn't fight his dragon."

It was starting to get to the point I was starving. I knew he would get over it soon he's done it before, this wasn't surprising to have this happen. He turned my water heater off so my bathroom water was always cold. I listened to my stomach grumble loudly once again. I felt like I could cry, but I looked up at the ceiling. Not letting my tears hit my cheek, I bit my tongue the lump in my throat growing bigger.

It was quiet for a while until someone knocked on the door.

"Hello, I was wondering if Zayden was ok?"

I heard Luca's voice in the dead silence.

"Luca?" I cried
"You're that faggot aren't you"
My father accused. I could hear Lucas stutter not sure how to reply. "You turn my boy gay you fucking fairy" my father shouted I heard a thud and glass crashing. "Can't you speak what are you stupid or something." I listen to my father's words "Luca go home please just go home" I cried as I heard another heavy thud and whimper. I have to get him, I can't let anyone hurt him not Lucas Onward I won't let my dad take the one good thing in my life.

I grabbed a baseball bat I kept for safety reason and started swinging at the door knob until the wood broke and it feel to the ground. Splinters littered the floor, and I walked into the living room to see Lucas with a small bruise on his face and father leaning over him.

I did all I could to contain my anger and hate for the man. He kept me trapped here. He weighted me down with all his hateful words and lies and torments. But I refuse to let him touch Lucas. I raised the bat and went to bring it down onto his head. I'll kill him and get rid of him and he can't hurt me or Lucas or anyone I love ever again.

I went to swing just as someone caught my hands I looked over and Moose stood here a sorrowful look on his eyes and a sad smile. "It's ok it's over" I yanked at the bat "no it's not over" I growled.

I have to get rid of him.

You know when the good guy lets the bad guy go out of mercy and the bad guy turns and tries to kill the good guy again.

That's what was gonna happened with me. I know that's what was gonna happen because it was destined he was gonna come back for me.

I felt someone's hand on my forearm lowering my arms and the bat. I heard sirens and neighbors peeked in my apartment door the was left open. "It's ok Zayden Davis", Luca's small voice said making me look at him. A soft caring smile in his busted lip and a kind look in his eyes.

"You're ok Zayden Davis it's over now. No one can hurt you anymore."

My dragon can no longer hurt me.

Authors note: Zayden and Lucas are cute. I'm excited about college next year and also scared as hell. Also my dad used to change the locks on our doors when we were kids and lock us in the room when we were asleep and I'd have I knock in the door to be let out. Lmao he was a dick.

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