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     FOR THE PASSING DAYS, JAZEON WAS FEELING A LOT BETTER, HIS OWN HOUSE NOW Supports him, a few people just casually talking to him

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FOR THE PASSING DAYS, JAZEON WAS FEELING A LOT BETTER, HIS OWN HOUSE NOW Supports him, a few people just casually talking to him. But The Marauders had recovered from the hospital incident, And has been noticing the few talks people made casually with Jazeon.

They couldn't exactly blame them though, Jazeon was a good looking lad, and people just noticed that. Which made Sirius feel like he has competition. Before all those days, Jazeon was too immune to shadows and the dark, always staying on somewhere where he wouldn't be seen by most.

Of course, he did that for a reason. He hid everywhere even somewhere risky, because he couldn't take the bully of some people. But now, thanks to Lily, Cahlby, and Mauro, He finally— but slowly— gained self confidence. And that caused people to have a better view of him.

They noticed how Jazeon has pale blonde hair like a malfoy, Blue-Grey eyes, he appeared looking like a Malfoy. So Dumbledore did a little digging in his work, And found out that Yuni Veller is a malfoy. It was pretty obvious, with her name, her pale blonde hair, Her soft blue eyes. She was a malfoy but more kinder.

Jazeon's Father, Skeraf Veller was sorted in Slytherin unlike his mother who was sorted, Yuni. Skeraf was heir to Veller fortune, and Yuni wasn't. Yuni's brother, Abraxas, was heir.

His family was simply complicated, Always had roots of different family connected. But Jazeon had only 2 remaining family that is a true Veller. His Grandparents, Heausaff and Melanie Veller, the parents of his father. They were pretty much old, retired in wizarding home for the oldies.

Jazeon tries his best to visit them most of the time if possible. Which is not mostly, considering he is still not in age to open the Veller bank. When he does come to age, which is 18 years old, he would be able to leave the orphan and move to the house of his family.

And the mansion where his parents lived before they died. Jazeon did his best to be ready when that time comes, living in a mansion where his parents lived with him would bring back memories, some he liked, and some he wished that never even happened.

Seeing Jazeon's grade increase, That caught Dumbledore's attention. He had heard from the professors that Jazeon was doing very well nowadays, and Dumbledore couldn't help but wonder why.

Jazeon walked in the halls, Regulus standing beside him, Regulus only stood to his shoulders, since Regulus was 12 years. The 14 year old had a smile on his face as he spoke to Regulus, he hasn't talked to him in what feels like ages.

Regulus has been busy, Busy with his family, work, study, and of course, quidditch. Jazeon was fascinated with the idea of quidditch, he remembered the good memories he had with his father. And one of those memories was his father teaching him how to ride a broom.

Jazeon felt himself smile sadly.
He had missed his father; His brown hair, his blue eyes, his tall height, and fit body. Jazeon missed both his parents dearly. Jazeon remembered the details his parents had, but it wasn't that clear anymore.

He remembered that his mother was a fair, stern, beautiful woman, he knew this because he noticed in a young age how middle aged wizards turned their heads to look at his mother with mesmerised eyes. And Jazeon noticed the way the same of his father too.

His father was tall, built, and an incredibly handsome man. The strong jawline, the perfect teeth. His father was the best candidate for front cover magazine, something people will stare for hours and end uo memorize every detail of Skeraf Veller.

And Jazeon was like him in many, many ways. Jazeon was aswell tall and built, having this love for sports, etc. He had many good memories of his parents, he loved his parents fully. His parents were the best, and they raised him to be a gentlemen.

And as his parents had time, they gave him the best childhood as possible. Yuni didn't want her only son to feel the strictness and the feeling of being locked up with no freedom as she felt, don't get her wrong, she still loves her father, brother, and mother mot matter what, she just didn't want her son to feel left out.

Skeraf on the other hand wants his son to have the best childhood as he had, his parents were so kind to him, but still raised him disciplined. And that was what Skeraf wanted for his son, and if he does past, Jazeon's grandparents (in his father's side) were there for him.

"So that was how I made it to the team." Regulus told him, his black hair sweeping on his forehead. But fairly enough, Jazeon wasn't listening. Jazeon shook his head, snapping him from his thoughts. It was the second time he did that, the first time happens to have happend in Herbology class.

Jazeon cleared his throat, The second he was happy smiling as he finally spoke to Regulus, the next, he was zoned out from his thoughts.

"Oh, erm— that was cool, very cool." Jazeon said, he made it convincing. But Regulus knows him well enough. Regulus stares at the older boy incredulously as they stopped walking as Jazeon nervously stood there, not knowing what will come from Regulus.

"First; You know, If I haven't known you so much, I would've been convinced. And second, were you even listening?! It was far from cool! I loss a tooth at that fall." Regulus said, Jazeon smiles sheepishly.

"Really? . . . What gave it away?" Jazeon asked him, Regulus made a shrugging look.

"The point that you're sweating, stuttering, and your tone unsure." Regulus said, making Jazeon smile sheepishly once more.

"And that you look like a clueless chicken." Regulus added, making Jazeon turn his head to Regulus dramatically.

"I do not!" Jazeon exclaimed in a fake shocked voice. Regulus laughed, and Jazeon soon joined in, he loves hearing Regulus laugh, Regulus was like a brother to him, and that made him happy when he laughs, especially knowing it's because of himself.

"You do!" Regulus said between laughs, Jazeon felt a smile growing unto his face.

"I Do not!"

"You do!"

Half of the day was spent the two laughing, arguing, and chasing each others down the halls.

I know, the chapter is the shortest compared to the others, but I kinda wanted to show a view of what Jazeon's parents were like, and what kind of friendship Regulus and Jazeon had.

So I might tell you now, The next chapter will he a flashback.

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