Sleep over at the Wheeler's house *Last Chapter*

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I sit in the parking lot of Mike's school leaning against the hood of my Moms car, I'm driving it until I get up enough money to buy my own, I look up when I hear the school let out and all of the voices fill the parking lot
"What are you doing here, Y/n?" I look over at Steve Harrington smiling a little, "I'm picking up Mike and his friends, their having a sleep over tonight." He leans next to me, "What's Nancy doing?" He asks "She's going to one of her friends house, she doesn't want to be surrounded by the boys all night." I tell him, he nods "And you?"
"I'm hanging with the boys, we're gonna watch movies and eat junk food." He nods once more smiling, "Sounds like fun." He comments, I nod "You can drop by if you want, my doors always open. Nancy won't be there, but you can join our hang out night." I tell him with a smile, he smiles back, "I might just do that." Steve says before saying bye and walking off, I walk over to Joyce Byers car when she pulls up
"Hey, Joyce." She smiles at me and gets out to give me a hug, "Hey Y/n. How are you?" She asks letting go, I shrug, "Can't complain. How are you and the boys?" "We're good." She tells me, I look over and see the boys walking out of  school, I take a deep breath
"Joyce, Mike, Dustin and Lucas are having a little sleep over. My parents won't be home, but I'll be there, and I was wondering if Will can spend the night?" I ask, she looks at me before looking over at the four boys as they laugh and push each other, she sighs, "Alright." She says nodding, "Really?" I ask kinda shocked, Joyce chuckles
"Yes, I trust you with him. I know you'll protect him with everything you have." I grin pulling her into a hug, "Thank you." I let her go, she smiles at me "You're welcome." I look over at the boys as the come to a stop in front of us
"Are we ready?" Mike asks "Yeah." I go to stand next to him, "Will, I have to tell you something." Joyce says putting her hand on Will's arm, "Yeah?" He asks "If you want, you can spend the night with Y/n and the boys." Will's face lights up "I can?" He asks with excitement, I chuckle
It's been awhile since he spent the night with anyone, Joyce wouldn't even let him ride his bike around anymore, and I don't blame her, what she went through it makes sense for her to want him in her sight as much as possible
"As long as you listen to Y/n." Joyce tells him, "Okay, I will. I promise." Will says smiling at her, Will hugs Joyce before him, Mike, Lucas and Dustin run over to the car, "Thanks again, Joyce. I promise to keep him safe." I tell her "I know you will." She smiles, I start to head over to the car before they hotwire it and leave me when I think of something
"Oh, and tell Jonathan he can stop by if he wants." I call back to her, she nods and gives me a thumb up, I smile before running over to the car.

Once we get to the house I make the boys sit down on the couch and act like little angels
"Keep the doors locked." I nod handing my Mom her purse, "Yes, ma'am." She smiles and kisses my cheek, "Keep them in line, and if you have to, don't be afraid to bench 'em." Dad tells me patting my arm, I nod, not fully getting the reference
Right when the door closes and the car pulls out of the driveway I go back into the living pulling out my boom box, I set it on the table
Okay." I mumble dumping out some tapes on the living room table, "Will, you get to pick the first one." I tell him with a smile, he smiles and walks up, closing his eyes he feels around before grabbing a tape and handing it to me, I smile before popping it in and turning up the volume

The boys smile before they start jamming out, I smile going into the kitchen, we laugh and dance around as we start to get all the stuff we need, meaning ice cream and chips
I start to look around for all the candy and sodas I got, but I don't find them, all I find is a note
'Sorry, I needed to borrow these. Love you. Nancy.'
I roll my eyes at my sister before standing up, I turn the music down a little
"Okay, so I'm gonna go run and get some stuff, but when I get back it's all board Games, movies, music and sugar. Now, you guys stay inside until I get back. Alright?" They nod, I smile messing up their hair before I walk out, grabbing my bike I head torwards the pizza place.

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