Chapter 1.1

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"Warning, warning, please go back immediately and wait for the allocated task, or you will be terminated!" The cold machine-like voice sounded in his mind, and the boy sitting on the tractor remained unmoved until severe pain engulfed his body, then he finally asked, trembling. "Hai Zi-ge, can you stop at the side of the road, I don't want to enter the city." 

"Why? Forgot something? Hai Zi-ge will bring you back to take it, no trouble..." The young man driving the tractor heartily replied.

This place was a sandy desert, lacking water, lacking electricity, lacking food, lacking people, everything was lacking- except the bone-piercingly cold, northwest wind and an abundance of dust. The county always talked about helping the poor, but after helping for decades, the conditions in this mountain still hasn't gotten any better. The old people have stayed here their entire lives, and despite working day and night they still couldn't collect much food. The young people couldn't stand this place, and all those who could run ran away, leaving their young children alone in the countryside.

Over time, the land and the villages here became absolutely desolate. Unless it was necessary, the people in the village rarely left and the people outside rarely came in. The teenager waited months for Hai Zi-ge to arrive, who came here to transport the wild olives. He thought that he could finally escape, but was once again stopped.

"I suddenly remembered that I left my family's millet out in the sun, it's already afternoon, and I don't know how long I'll be busy. Hai Zi-ge, you still have to deliver the goods, so please go ahead first. Don't worry about me."

Although the youth's tone was calm, the hands in his sleeves were trembling. The system's threat of termination was no joke; the pain in his body had long passed but the soul tearing still continued. He had no doubt that if he forcefully left this place, the next second his soul will be scattered.

"I didn't expect you to be so careless and forgetful. Never mind, Hai Zi-ge will send you back." The man turned the tractor around and headed towards the village. The wheels stirred up the yellow sand, which was then blown away by the cold northwest wind.

The teenager clenched his teeth and looked at his wrist. Apart from him, no one else could see the watch-like thing on his wrist. It was called the "villain system" and it was directly tied to the youth's soul. If the youth failed to complete the system's tasks, his soul would be terminated.

The youth stared at the incessantly flashing red watch, his expression heavy. As long as the red light blinked, the punishment would not stop. Evading a task was a heavy offense, according to the usual procedure, the pain would continue for an hour or two. But then something bizarre occurred. The characters on the screen suddenly became distorted, then the screen went completely black. The pain in his body and soul also receded like the tide.

The youth froze in surprise. Pretending to re-arrange his cuffs, he discretely fiddled with the watch, wanting to see whether or not it was truly dead. It'd be good if it died, he'd already had enough of this so-called "villain system." He had no idea what kind of bad luck hit him, but one minute he was just browsing the Star Network, then he was suddenly transported into this "Lord God dimension", and forcibly bounded to the system before being sent to different parallel worlds to complete tasks.

To call it a task was not really accurate, the Lord God didn't care whether or not the final result was successful, as long as he didn't try to escape, he could still be rewarded. Therefore, he more and more felt like he is was just going along with the plot, because the system gave him the role of the "villain", and the villain only has one ending, being destroyed by the protagonist. As such, he has completed many tasks; and perhaps at first his schemes seemed to go off without a hitch, but in the end, all his efforts would go to waste.

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