chapter forty ; blood money

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november. 2010

Millie and Finn had been working nonstop on getting the money from the car wash and putting it into black trash bags and large suitcases. They did it from sunrise to sunset, not even bothering to go home and simply sleeping at the car wash.

They knew that David was thinking and planning, so they had to work twice as fast as him. Not to mention, one of them had to constantly stand guard and make sure nobody suspicious was around while they were bagging the money.

"Yo Finn what are we even gonna do with all this?" Millie questioned, heaving a bag full of money over her shoulder and carrying it to the other side of the room.

Finn sighed. "I thought we'd take it to the desert and bury it. That way we can just go there whenever we need some cash and nobody will ever find it." The tall boy explained while counting a stack of crisp one hundred dollar bills.

Millie dropped the bag of money and walked over to her boyfriend. She wanted to bring up a topic that had been on her mind for quite awhile but she was very nervous about actually asking it.

"Look I mean... Why don't we just throw it all in the river or burn it or something? Your dad is healed and you don't have anymore bills to pay." The brunette girl suggested.

At the end of the day, Finn's love of money was what caused them numerous problems. She thought it would be better to quit while they were still a head.

He cocked his head and looked into her eyes. "This isn't about money, Millie. Money is the mansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Money is useless. What we have is power and power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. This is about power and us being the most powerful people in the state of New Mexico. I mean, screw that. We're two of the most powerful people in this country."

She understood what he meant and the point he was trying to make although she was unsure if she agreed with him. What was it worth? Was it worth murdering even more people and possibly even getting killed themselves?

The girl sighed. "Finn I... We've ruined countless innocent lives."

Finn pursed his lips and took a step towards her. "We won't hurt anyone else. We'll simply continue to deny David's claims because he has no actual proof and can't do anything about it. Then we operate in complete secrecy with Ellen and Joe." He stated firmly to the girl, hoping she'd see things his way.

"You've said that so many times and everytime you say it it's a damn lie!" Millie scoffed. Finn's mouth went slightly agape in surprise. He definitely was not expecting her to say that.

"I promise that we-"

"We're monsters, Finn." She said, cutting him off. Millie was very riled up and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

Finn took another step towards her. "We are not the monsters Millie. We saved my dad, we saved people from Dom's wrath, and... I mean..." It was very hard for Finn to think of good things they'd done considering there weren't many of them.

Millie decided that she'd had enough snd was done listening to him talk. All of a sudden she hit him hard in the face with a punch from the left. Finn stumbled back and held his cheek in pain.

The talk boy growled and tackled Millie to the floor. She hit her head hard on the ground but continued to scrap with him. He punched her in the face which made her grunt quite loudly.

She knew she had to get him off of her so she began to relentlessly scratch his bare arms with her finger nails, The cuts and scratches almost instantly started to bleed which made Finn jump backwards off of her, giving Millie a chance to pounce.

She leaped onto his lower half and started punching his stomach and chest as hard as she possibly could. Finn was definitely in a lot of pain and he needed to stop her attacks.

With blood dripping down his arms, he grabbed her throat and as gently as he could he tossed her away from him. She landed on the ground with a thud and finally decided to stop retaliating.

Finn and Millie laid at opposite ends of the room. Both were in immense pain and covered with cuts, bruises, scratches, and blood.

"This is what I'm talking about Finn." The brunette girl muttered, still trying to catch her breath.

"We just beat the shit out of each other." She added a moment later.

He couldn't argue with that point. She was absolutely correct. His love of power and money was turning him into an awful person. He obviously never wanted to hurt Millie but it was like his instincts told him to hurt her.

"It's blood money." She said softly while slowly standing up. Finn sighed and did the same.

"We'll take it to the desert and bury it. We'll promise to only use it in time of great needs and then... I guess we'll stop working with Ellen and Joe." The tall boy stated.

Millie smiled. She wanted normalcy with him and he honestly did miss having a normal life. He'd finally decided that it'd be best to retire and he truly hoped that it wasn't too late for him.

"And Millie..." He began while looking at her from across the room.

"Yeah?" She responded.

"I'm sorry..."

He exhaled deeply.

"...for everything."

* * * *

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