Seventeen; Mommy's Coming

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I collapsed onto the floor. I could barely breathe. I needed to know that my baby was okay. I needed her to know that she was okay. That I was here if she wanted me, but only if she wanted me. I had written down her number and put myself in her phone last night. I dialed it quickly. I was in her phone as "Mommy Jessica". I could only pray that she picked up.

"Hello?" I heard a masculine voice answer.

"Um, hi." I cleared my voice. "Is Sophia there?" He laughed.

"So you are the girlfriend? I should so beat your sorry ass."

"Excuse you?" I was slightly offended by the man.

"She called me crying and freezing in a fucking dress. Incase you didn't notice, it is fucking cold outside! She is drunk off her ass in her bedroom, refusing to open the door." I sighed. My poor baby. I let her leave. She was cold and hurtin-

"Wait, DRUNK?!" No fucking way! My baby can't drink! She can't!

"Yeah. It makes her hurt less. I have known her since she was ten. It is her go-to pick me up."

"B-But alcohol?" I felt her pain along with my own.

"Yeah. I hope it fucking kills you, bitch. You hurt my friend badly. You disserve so much worse pain." I sobbed roughly.

"L-let me talk to h-her." I begged. I heard him take her the phone. A heart breaking voice shattered me.

"M-Mommy." She whispered sadly. I could hear the tears in her voice. I wanted to hold her and wipe them away. I wanted to make it all better.

"Babygirl." I spoke breathlessly. I tried to seem strong, but I know she could hear my pain as well.

"I'm s-so *hiccup* sorry." She cried. I heard the drink more than anything.

"Baby, where are you? Mommy's coming."

"H-Home, mommy. I *hiccup* w-want you. I d-didn't mean it."

"I know, baby. I, understand. What's the address?" I took a deep breath. I need to be patient.

"I-I *hiccup*" I heard the phone drop, and I think she was puking.

"Baby, are you okay?" I spoke even though I didn't think that she was listening. She took a few minutes then the man got back on the phone.

"Listen, I strongly dislike you, but I have things to do, and I sure as hell won't leave her here alone like this. The address is 0043 Grameson Court. Hurry your ass up." I rolled my eyes but thanked him before ending the call. I rushed to put each item back into the bag and added a few extra things. Grabbing my things and the bag, I hurried out of the door and towards my love.

When I arrived, I ran inside, not bothering to knock. I quickly made my way towards the retching sounds. I found her in a bathroom, crying and puking in just her full diaper and bra while the man stood outside the door.

My poor little princess.

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