Chapter 37 ~Lucky Blue Smith~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @louist91 and 5,976,836 more

LuckyBlueSmith I found him! @harrystyles

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harrystyles Oh my god it was so good to see you! @LuckyBlueSmith

louist91 Is this the Lucky Charm guy you told me about? @harrystyles

harrystyles @louist91 Yeah!

LuckyBlueSmith I can't wait to see you again! @harrystyles

GemmaStyles Oh my gosh Lucky I haven't seen you in forever!

niallhoranofficial Haha you look horrible!

harrystyles Well you look worse than that Turkey who committed suicide. @niallhoranofficial

HarryStylesupdates @harrystyles wtf Harry🤣🤣

annetwist aww Lucky it's been so long and I hear you have a daughter now?

LuckyBlueSmith @annetwist Yeah, Gravity!

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