Sixteen; Alcohol Tolerance and Teddy-Bears

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Camden's car pulled up beside the curb, and he rushed me inside the car.

"Come on. Get your ass out of the cold. It is 58°F and you are in a fucking dress." He sighed and pulled me by my arm.

"Thanks." I muttered. I didn't even realize that it was cold. The last thing that I was thinking about was the temperature

"What's your address? There is a party at my place so we will have to hang out at yours."

"0043 Grames-son C-Court."

"Okay. Do you want to tell me what happened and why you are in a diaper with food all over your clothes?" I shook my head. I didn't wanna explain. I wanted to get home and cry. I wanted to be alone. I wanted the hurting to stop.

I fucked it up. I fucked up everything. I walked out. I yelled. I left. It repeated in my head. It's all that I could think about. I let out a loud sob and Camden gently rubbed my back.

"There is liquor in the bag. I wasn't sure what you liked so I got different things. Go to town. You need it." I grabbed the bottle and relished in the searing fire that rolled down my throat and into my stomach. After a long gulp I let the bottle drop to my lap.

"You never had a high alcohol tolerance, so there is a puke bag in the door."

"Th-Thanks, C-Camd-den." I haven't drank in years. I used it as a coping method. We all have a coping method. It may be eating, reading, writing, singing, listening to music, cutting, drug abuse, sleeping, really anything. We could depend on it. I got better though. Look where I am now. I drank more from the bottle and leaned against the window. All logical thoughts slowly faded away.

Jessica's POV

I heard the door slam as I walked into the kitchen. I fell into the kitchen table. I looked at her bottle and bib that I had gotten just for her. I saw the binkie and blankie. The last thing that my eyes landed in was the gift bag in the corner. I had gotten her that bag for when she was having a grumpy mood and needed a pickup or for aftercare. I couldn't stop my body from moving towards it. I saw my hands pick it up and start getting items out. I couldn't make myself stop or I would have. I wouldn't have let my dumbass mind take over.

It's funny how quickly someone can grow onto you. Suddenly a life line. Out of nowhere, it slaps you in the face. Like, where the fuck did you come from? Please don't leave me.

I grabbed the few small multi colored teddy-bears last. They had different notes tied in a bow around their stomach. I opened each note, reading it to myself. I knew what they said. I wrote the damned things. I opened the final note and noticed the tear drops falling on the paper.

"It's okay, princess. Mommy loves you and understands everything."

Author's Note

Dayummm! Two chapters in an hour. I am impressed with myself. 😂

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