Roc Royal Imagine

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*Imagine You and Roc are dating and your sitting at a park when a group of girls run up to Roc and get his autograph and take pictures when one of the girls grab Roc and kiss him to take a picture*

You: Hey Bitch back the f*ck up.

Girl: Um.. Who the hell are yu

You: Yu really wana go there?

Roc: Babe stop,

You: Roc!

Roc: Don't !

Girl: Okay bitch, we done here?

Roc: Oo you shouldn't have called her that.. Yiikes..

*You get pissed easily and say, "Bitch? Hmm.. Watch yo self hoe, stay away from my maan" You hit the girl and she falls to the ground bleeding.*

Other girl: I'm calling the cops!

You: Oh shit ! *You grab Roc's hand and run*

Roc: Why'd u hit that girl?!

You: I don't care for thirsty hoes goin after my man thanks

Roc: Damn ur pissed

You: No Shit 

*You and Roc jump in the car and drive fast away from the park when You here a loud annoying ringing noise and everything went white.*

Roc: NOOOO!!!

*You couldn't see or hear, You couldn't talk either, You had no idea what was going on until you heard Roc's voice crying. You were trying to speak but the words were stuck in the back of your dry throat, You kept thinking, and trying to figure out what happened, where you were, what was happening, why it was happening when suddenly, like a rush, the words that were once hostage in your mouth made their way to your soft lips and realesed a few quiet words.*

You: Please Don't Cry Baby.

Roc: NURSE!!! Shes awaake!!

*You tried to open your eyes but it felt like glue was holding them together, you heard a women walk into the room, then you felt a warm damp cloth like matiriel press on your eyes and you could finally open your eyes, You first saw a beautiful(nh) women in a nurse outfit and then you turned your head and saw Roc with Tears in his eyes holding your hand.*

Nurse: We didn't think you would wake up...

You: what happened?

Roc: Accident .. It was all a accident ! I should have never talked to that girl !

You: huh? What girl!?

Nurse: You see, You got into a T-Bone Collision . Everyone survived, Only minor cuts and bruises, you sadly suffered a short coma and some broken bones and a couple stitches.. 

You: Damn..

Roc: It'll be okay though.. Right?

Nurse: She should have a full recover-

*Everything went blurry, You. couldnt hear and you couldnt see, everything was weird, you heard screams and silence.. The last thing you heard was "Shes d.. Dead?" You panicked but you couldn't move or do anything! You wanted to say IM NOT DEAD But what could you do? You felt Roc gentally kiss you. Another rush came you woke up instantly , "ROC ! " . * 


You: I didn't know I died..

Roc: I Love You .

*Roc gives you a hug*

You: I Love You Too.. 

You feelin ight?

Roc: I thought you were gone

You:Well Im right here..

Roc: Thank god

You: *Smiles* 

Roc: Your smile is beautiful

*Two months later you made a full recovery*

Roc: Babe,

You: Yes?

Roc: Wheres your favourite place?

You: um.. The beach with you

Roc: *Puts a blindfold on yu*

You: um roc, whatchu doin?

Roc: Shh..

* 45 Mins later he takes your blindfold off and you 2 r standing on a beautiful sunsetting beach..*

You: Your perfect

Roc: I love yu

You: *Kisses him*

Nothing could be more 

P e r f e c t . ♥ .

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