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Loxo: *gets hit with the Titanic disk* OW!!!!

Voodoo: ....Wimp. So what's this Titanic thing?

Silence: I have no idea

Lemondrop: Hmmm... I don't know anything about that. I never even heard about it.

Isn't that where Rose is like, "I'll never let go." and then she fcking let go?

Bishop: Yeah... and at some point in the movie Rose is like "I'm flying Jack!"

Oh yeah... is it sad that I expected him to throw her overboard like I do with any emotions I get?

Dusk: ooh you two should reanact the scene! but add your own twist to it

Bishop: Why? 

Dusk: *shrugs* I'm bored

Maybe after the movie

Lemondrop: *examining the disk* Well... since we don't all exactly know what it's about...maybe we should watch it?

Loxo: *brings out the large TV* Got it!!!

Ricochet: *looks at movie case* It's 3 hours long? Ugh

You're kidding.... this is gonna be fun....

Voodoo: I have a feeling that this is gonna be boring.

*gets everything ready* Alright... everyone comfy?

Loxo: Yes!

Lemondrop: *nods*

Silence: Yep

Voodoo: Ready when you are

Dusk: Movie yay!

Ricochet: Alright let's get this over with.

Bishop: *leaves then returns with 4 large bowls of popcorn* We don't have enough bowls to have each of our own because someone didn't do the dishes last night *glances at Silence* So we gotta share.

Silence: oops.... 

Damn it Silence... alright, the movie will start in 3...2...1 *presses play*

(Three hours later)

Loxo: *tearing up* WHY DID ROSE LET GO??? WHY!!!

Voodoo: *silently snoozing*

Dusk: I feel dead inside... 😒

Lemondrop: The film was....okay...

For fck sake Loxo, it was only a movie. But hell, I'd let him down too just so I can have my floating thing to myself.

Bishop: I hope you never do that to me... cuz then I'd have trust issues.

Dusk: You can fit on Bloody's head...

Bishop: true.

Don't worry about it. I'd let you have the whole thing to yourself while I casually drown.

Loxo: *gasps* Wait! We SHOULD recreate some scenes!!! For the fun of it!!

Ricochet: We need to establish roles....

I'll be Jack on the part where he holds Rose up to have her feel like flying.

Lemondrop: Who'll be Rose?

Loxo: *opens his mouth*

Say anything about your ships and I'll restart your dare.

Loxo: Ruuuuude!!!

Bishop: *laughs silently* How about we let the wheel decide?

Loxo: Let's do it!!!

Bishop: alright Rose will be played by... *spins wheel* Rico.

Ricochet: *from a distance* OH COME ON!

*looks down at Ricochet* ...Let's do it

(After preparing everything for the scene)

Loxo: Aaaaaaand action!!!!

Ricochet: I'm flying.... Jack!

You'll fly for real soon *holds Ricochet above their head*

Voodoo: Oh boy.... Is this part of the script?

Dusk: *looks over script* No...

*throws Richochet*

Voodoo: Oh...there he goes...

Bishop: Tbh better than what would've happened if they went along with the script..

*lands in a kiddy pool*

Lemondrop: Classy! Why would you throw Ricochet like that??

I threw him like I do with my emotions.

Voodoo: *looks at the camera* That's Alpha Bloods for you

Loxo: Would you do it if it was- *shuts his mouth* ...*grumbles*

Voodoo: *walks over to Ricochet* You good?

Ricochet: *shakes water out of fur* yeah

*jumps down the fake ship and lands on their feet* So, we doing another one or what?

Silence: I guess?

Alright....so who's gonna cause me to have trust issues by letting go and watching me drown?

Bishop: *spins wheel* fck.... 

Silence: Who'd it land on? 

Bishop: Me...

Loxo: *claps his paws* Let's get to the scenario!!! Chop chop!!

(One hour later)

Loxo: Aaaaaand action!!!!

Bishop:  I'll never let go. I'll never let go, Jack!

Rose you're the size of a nickel and can fit on my head. Move aside. I ain't dying like this *gets on the board*

Bishop: Fair enough * jumps onto Bloody's head*

Silence: I kinda like this version better.

Dusk: Should we move on to what we thought about the movie??

*causes the board to sink* SHT-

Silence: At least they will die together

*holding Bishop up* YOU'RE NOT DYING LIKE THIS, ROSE!!!

Voodoo: Honestly... I like this version better

Silence: What the fck?

Bishop: Jack! grab my paw *extends paw for Bloody to take*

No! I'm not le- okay, the fck are we even doing now? *stands up from the water* Okay...we should get to actually answering the question


Alright, so Dusk. What'd you think about the movie?

Dusk: It's okay... I'd give it a 7 outta 10


Voodoo: I fell asleep five minutes in so... 0 out of 10

Fair anough. Ricochet?

Ricochet: 5 out of 10 I'm not really a romance kind of fox.

Same honestly.... Lemondrop?

Lemondrop: I actually...didn't enjoy it. Perhaps a 3 out of 10

It was too...cliche. Silence?

Silence: It was ok... not the best but close.. so 9/10


Loxo: I liked it because I imagined different people in the scenarios!!!

My god, Loxo... Anyways... Bishop?

Bishop: I didn't really like it at all.. no offense to those that did like the movie.

Same honestly...I hated it. I give it a -27 out 10. Loxo do the outro

Loxo: Yay! That's it for the ask! Got any asks or dares for us? Let us know down in the comments!!! And don't hesitate!! We love ALL dares and asks we get! Bye-bye buggies!!!!

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