Chapter 15 - Explanations

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"Is she awake already?" Ricciardo' voice could be heard in the hallway.

"Good morning Master, I didn't saw her yet." Bottas replied.

A light knock on the door was heard and Bella only rolled her eyes tiredfully wishing she had slept during the night, but this whole situation felt and sounded like a real mess. She still didn't understood what was going on.

Another knock later, the door slightly open and Ricciardo in all his glory gets into the room, his addictive perfume going directly into Bella's nostrils as she closes her eyes, blinking away any kind of tiredness.

"Good morning." he sits on the end of the bed, one of his hands above his thighs, the other Bella felt near her foot. He had nice hands, he had a nice body and he looked absolutely God looking inside the greyish suit without a tie, the white shirt inside with 4 buttons open.

"Good morning." She mumbles back still a bit annoyed from the whole situation.

"I'm sorry for yesterday, I didn't mean to sound arrogant or something with you." Bella' eye brow raise as he apologetically smile. "I want you to feel good here, at my house, because this is also yours now. Bottas?" he called out the bodyguard who steps into the room politely, dressed as casual as the day before.

"Good Morning Madam. I hope you had a good night and you're doing well." He nods intertwining his hands behind his back.

"I think you already know Bottas, my bodyguard, who's going to be around you whenever you need. He has clear order to protect you at any cost, Bella." Ricciardo explains serious as he looks at her not caring to reply. "Now, Bottas here will take you shopping, I believe you might want something. Your credit cards arrive during this week but I don't want you to wait for that." he side smiled getting up, fixing the middle button of the grey suit

"What about you?" she asks when he had already turned around, Bottas seemed to tense up with her question. "Are you leaving?"

Ricciardo sighs nodding. "I have a work trip to Milan, but I'll see you tomorrow night, yes?" Bottas looks between Bella and his boss trying to connect the dots of what was really happening, yet it wasn't easy a he knew Mr. Ricciardo for years now, and he seemed a completely different person around the Italian.

" Have breakfast before you leave." he smiles again and turns around serious looking at the Finn at the door. "I want no mistakes, Bottas. She's in your hands." the man nods letting his boss by after the man stole another look at the Italian still laying in bed with her confused thoughts.

"Miss, I will be waiting downstairs. Excuse me." he bows slightly following his boss behind.


Bella stopped counting the expensive stores where they got in. She was living her dream, living in a fancy house, riding the best cars, buying the best clothes with no limits at all yet she wasn't happy, she wasn't enjoying that as much as a normal woman maybe would.

Bella couldn't stop bothering herself about Hulkenberg. She wasn't living with the German but with Ricciardo, what that meant? Was she Ricciardo's girlfriend? Fiancé? Wife?

Why would Ricciardo want to live with her knowing that she had something with Hulkenberg? He could kill her and Ricciardo in seconds.

"Miss, are you alright?" Bottas asks waking the Italian from her sudden hypnosis as she nods sighing.

"Why did you lie to me?" she asks Bluntly looking up at him.

"With all due respect Miss, I had no reasons to tell you anything. If you want any answer you should speak to Master Ricciardo." Bella rolled her eyes closing them in annoyance, of course he won't say anything to her, but there was someone else. "Do you wish anything else, Miss? Or we can go?"

"Actually, I'm done, but I want and need to see Minttu now."

"Miss, I have clear orders to take you shopping and nowhere else." he spoke serious yet apologetically.

"But I have to see her, please Bottas, please."

"I'm sorry Miss." he shakes his head leading her out of the door.

Bella angrily walks away faster than the Finn, him unlocking the car so she could get in and sit. He sighed shaking his head when he looks at Bella mad furious. Manipulative much.

"Just 5 minutes and nothing else." he murmurs glancing at the street ahead, the Italian's smiling like a small child who received a treat.


"5 minutes and I'm out." Bella confirms when the car stops in front of her now ex job.

"Miss I can't stay away from you for 2 minutes. I'm going with you, specially there." she rolled her eyes shaking her head.

"It won't take too long, please wait."

"2 minutes and I'm in, no more no less." he replies leaning against the door frame of the club. She was getting mad furious at the Finn knowing that he would be in her tail 24/7 now, thanks to Ricciardo.

Bella immediately paces to Minttu's office almost knocking the woman down when she was closing her door.

"Isabella? What are you doing here?" her eyes widen when she sees her friend almost panicking in her presence.

"Came to visit a really good friend, is that wrong?" Bella smiled sarcastically when Minttu forced a smile. "Why did you lie to me?" Minttu sighed closing her eyes shaking her head.

"If I had told you the truth, Ricciardo would have killed me." she revealed truthfully. "He told me he asked me to do something and I wasn't successful so now my life was in danger."

"I still don't get it."

"He wanted you to stop this." she looks around biting her lip. "He didn't want you to be a prostitute. Ricciardo knew this wasn't for you every since he saw you for the first time. He wanted you to get out of here and didn't want to see you anymore doing this."

"Yes but now Hulkenberg will kill you, Ricciardo and Me." she says out loud panicking.

"Ricciardo had promised me that he would take care of you. He will give me protection just like to you. Hulkenberg is a dangerous guy, Bella. I wish I hadn't spoke about him, I wish I hadn't told you to go on with him." she bites her lip shaking her head. "Ricciardo really cares about you and I trust him."

"Would you trust someone who told you he would kill you?"

"He had a solid reason, he had to save you. He really cares about you Bella, I'm pretty sure he didn't tried anything to you and he won't because he wants to respect you, everyone has to, that's his goal." Minttu was definitely saying the truth as the man hasn't even touched her, and didn't gave her any hint that he wanted something." Now please, go back home you're safer there, that's all I can say." she smiles apologetically caressing Bella's cheek.

That situation was beginning to confuse Bella even more, but now it was all about Ricciardo. Why? That was the only question, Why he was doing all of this.


Hmm hello. Just here to wish you guys an amazing week

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